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I am looking to find a newer car. I have two in mind and I would like a little help deciding which one would be best for me. I want something that I can easily modify myself, but yet will give me the best perfomance out of it. I like the 90-94 models of the eclipse but I am still not sure of what years are best on the galant vr4. Any help is greatly appreciated!

posted by  ashcan

What the hell is a Gallant VR4? You're either thinking of the 3000GT VR4 model, or a Mitsu. Gallant. Unless I'm seriously missing something, you have no idea what you're talking about...

EDIT: Sorry, the above information is not correct. After some major research, I have finally located a Galant VR4. Unfortunately, I have never seen this car nor do I know any specs on it so I can't answer this question.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

they mad a gallant vr4 too

posted by  mx3_monster

So it would have been alot easier to do the research before you told ashcan that he/she didn't know what they were talking about?

posted by  Cliffy

Hmmmm... That sounds a lot like think, type, submit. Where have we heard that before?

posted by  vwhobo

First time I'm hearing of a Galant VR4 too, but the reason you probably couldn't find info on it is because you spelled "Galant" wrong lol i&model=Galant&trimid=8070#trimsel

posted by  chris_knows

I was trying to say that....without using your phrase lol....I think you should Copy write it:laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

What a bunch of non-answers. To answer your question, the Galant VR4 and the 1G Eclipse/Talon/Laser share all of their drivetrain components, the engine, transaxle, rear differential, rear suspension, shift linkage, etc, is all directly interchangeable, you can very easily swap the 4WS from the Galant VR4 onto the 1G AWD's... because it's the same rear suspension. So, it basically boils down to whether or not you want a 4 door or a 2 door, the two vehicles are otherwise nearly identical. There is not a bad year for the Galant VR4, they were only make for 2-3 years (Google it), the best year from the 1G is early '92 model year with the 6-bolt engine and the 4-bolt rear differential.

posted by  Bino

Before you start talking trash about other people and their "non answers", you should make sure that your answer is correct. If you took the time to "Google it" before spewing your "facts", you might find out that the Galant VR4 was produced from about 1988 until about 1998. Note that I said about because unlike you I don't claim to be absolutely sure. Be that as it may, I have personally had my hands on '89 and '97 models so at least I know I'm close. Think, type, submit.... That might have even been mentioned in this thread rpeviously. :wink2:

posted by  vwhobo

Not in the US it wasn't... In the US the Galant VR4 was sold from 1991 to 1992 in a limited production run (2000 units in 1991, 1000 units in 1992, I always forget some people aren't in the states). Yes, the Galant VR4 had a much longer (continued perhaps) production run overseas... but not in the States.

posted by  Bino

As it has been said already, the galant vr4 is pretty much identical to the talons, eclipses, and lasers. The only differences are the bodies, AND the galant come with 4ws. As far as my knowledge of the galant vr4 goes, i think they were only sent to the U.S for a couple years, with a limited supply (as stated).

As far as the best year, i think you should look at anything that has the 4bolt/6bolt setup.

The choice is up to you...If you're looking for more of a sleeper that people will look at and think it is slow, but then you blow their faces off when you accually run it, get the galant. otherwise i would go with the eclipse.

posted by  Tooyoung225

the galant vr-4 1991-1995

the v6 2.0l 24v twin turbo awd vr-4 was only made for the jap market the one sold in the states was a 4 pot inline 16v single turbo

i own a jap one and there quick at 245bhp and all wheel drive so they handled too


posted by  glw2312

posted by  glw2312

Here is a little something for you if you have not learned yet. I did not see that anyone had explained the diff. between 6bolt and 7bolt. The 7 bolts have issues with crank walk.

I have read that the 1g engines are a lot beefier than the 2g, something to keep in mind.

You can look 1g's over and look at there oil pans the 6 bolt and 7 bolt oil pans are different.

Check this out.

posted by  weave41_82

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