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Hi, I'm new but I've run into a problem.
I'm selling my 03 Cavalier for 10k (its like brand new) and I wanted to get a new Honda Civic (the coup). However I have been reading up on them and such and it seems that the power in them are seriosly lacking.
My 2003 Cavalier had a 0-60 time of 7.6-8.0 seconds, the Civic SI has a 0-60 time of 7.2-7.6 seconds. This has me concerned, because I read that the other models have a 0-60 time of 15 seconds! After having the power of my cavalier I don't think I'd enjoy a car that slow. However I'm somewhat perplexed because my Cavalier has 140 hp and the new Civics also have 140 hp, but their acceleration seems terrible. I don't think i'd be able to scrap together enough money to cover 31k (canadain) for the SI so it seems that I'm in trouble.
Comments please, and also post if you like the look of the 06 civic coup :)


posted by  cwc123

my sister has a new civic coupe. its a five spd and she loves it. she got the car after she totaled her mustang. Ive driven the thing and it feels fairly responsive (if not quick) it corners well and the brakes are amazing! The clutch and transmission take no effort whatsoever, the clutch is very smooth and "light". I dont know about the 0-60 times, but ive never had a problem getting going. I think the civic is a pretty good car for what it is.

posted by  davsmitty

The new Civic Si's have around 200hp. Im not exactly sure on the 0-60 times on the Civic Si though. But that sounds somwhat right (7.2-7.6 seconds). The 0-60 time would also differ depending on whether you opted for a manuel transmission or automatic too though. The 0-60 times you typed were probably for the automatic model.

posted by  SlipKnoT

Civic Si's only come available in the 6-speed option.

posted by  Pythias

Dont pay attention to 0-60 times.

I guarentee you the Civic SI is MUCH QUICKER than your Cavalier. It's not even a contest.

The Civic DX/LX/EX are pretty zippy too, nothing spectacular but you wont be losing any power over your Cavalier. Should be about as quick. You need to go out and test drive one to find out, that's the best way.

I drove an EX-5spd coupe w/HFP kit on it and it was really fun to drive for a non-SI Civic.

posted by  thunderbird1100

As far as the other models having a 0-60 time of 15 seconds, you're either looking at the 1/4 mile time, or the 0-60 of a hybrid. I've heard some people say that the Civic Si was under-rated at 197 hp, but don't know if there is any validity to those claims. I am sure that it will be faster than you Cavvy.

Your best bet is to actually test drive one, instead of asking a bunch of people with little/no expieriance with the car. I personally don't love or hate the styling of the new Civic, but why do you care if other people like the styling? Do you like it?

posted by  giant016

The Civic SI is SEVERELY underrated at 197hp.

posted by  thunderbird1100

To read the article TOV Project Si - Dyno Results, please log in.


posted by  Pythias

"The lowest curve, 197.9 hub hp, was recorded in completely stock trim after a few runs. We think this is more representative of what our car will do. The next run, 204 hub hp, was recorded with a little cool down. Note that the biggest difference occurs from 7500 rpm on up. The final run of 209 hp was recorded with the airbox cover off (note the bottom end losses). While the car gets much noisier and loses the refined growl of the stock intake system, the 5+ hp gain indicates that an intake system will probably be able to pick up some noticeable power (do not drive with the cover off, with the hood closed, you'll kill power by ingesting hot air from the engine bay)."

Direct quote.

Sorry, some articles are readable to everyone, others are not. But you become a member, it's quick, free and easy.

posted by  thunderbird1100

They are zippy from hwat I hear :thumbs:

posted by  newyorker

What is "hub" horsepower?

posted by  giant016

Hahaha, I love it. "Dont pay attention to recorded times, I just KNOW thats its quicker!"

Funny stuff. I guess your beloved SI has no low end power. Good thing most people go by 1/4 mile times!

posted by  OombaIsBack

Horsepower that's measured at the hub (Wheel hubs). They use this on dynapacks. It has less of a loss than a dynojet because it doesnt include the wheels/tires in the test. Typically I have found it adds about 5-7 horsepower over a dynojet reult for the SI. According to their dyno runs, the SI is slashing out at least 220hp at the crank.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I said dont pay attention to 0-60, where did I say "recorded times". I said this because 0-60 is such an artifical number, who cares about 0-60? Do you race 0-60mph?

Plus, it seems I've found a huge pluthora of different figure for different vehicles. In this case the SI, I've seen as quick as 6.6-6.8 and as slow as 7.7-7.9. PRetty wide range, but who cares? I always just pay attention to 1/4 miles.

Why do people care about all this low end power in a freaking sport compact? When you want to push it performance wise do you stay in the 2000-3000rpm range? Or do you keep it as close to the peaks as possible?

Even in traffic when you want to pass someone it has enough power, especially when I drove one!

Why would you WANT all that torque in a FWD sport compact? Ever heard of TORQUE STEER?

Try again boomba.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Thanks a bunch! All your comments have been very informative and helpful, I'm going to go test drive it tommorow and probably buy it if it is all I've thought of it to be! :)

posted by  cwc123

If you have enough money to buy a new Civic Si, and unsure because of it's performance, then why not get an SRT-4? Much faster and cheaper.

posted by  nsupra27

I WANT low RPM power because most of my driving is at below 3000RPM anyway. I enjoy passing on country road without the need to scare all the crows in a 10 mile radius. If I were to pump over 6000, I'd need ear plugs or hearing aid after couple of months (if not sooner). That besides the fact how much shorter is the life of the raving car.
Don't get me wrong, Civic is the car I'm looking at for my next buy. I feel in 2007 it will be the logical choice but only because Cav 2006 is the last year in production.

posted by  scrounger

See the sig

posted by  newyorker

Torque is good. Torque steer isn't as big of an issue as it used to be. Things like equal lenght half-shafts reduce torque steer. Take the new Grand Prix GXP, over 300 ft-lbs of torque to the front wheels and almost no torque steer.

posted by  OombaIsBack

When I drove both the Civic EX 5spd and Civic SI 6spd they both had plenty of low end for the weight. I never got frustrated once in passing or city driving. 150tq is plenty for a 2900lb vehicle.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Of the reviews I've seen some said it had VERY noticeable torque steer. Others said they coped with it fine.

I'll have to drive it before I come to any conclusions. I think the main reason torque steer is not as bad as it probably could be is more about tall gearing.

The torque steer was pretty bad on the SRT-4 I drove. The torque steer on the TL 5AT is pretty bad too.

posted by  thunderbird1100

if this person went from a mustang to a CIVIC (and dont get me wrong im a huge import fan) and they are happy with it then the civic must not be bad

posted by  lamboluver

It was never specified as to what engine the Mustang had in it. They DID have 4 cyc Mustangs for awhile although I doubt this was one. Chances are it was a V6.

posted by  Pythias

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