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Alright, so im gonna be getting a 99 camry le, im not happy about it but im gonna make the best of it. Right now its driven by an old lady and it looks it. I wanna make it more appealing to people of my age group (18). Im looking for some relatively inexpensive things i can do to make this stock car look nicer.

heres a link to pretty much what my car looks like(not mine tho). Same color and stuff, its got pinstripes too.


I was hoping to spend like 500 or less. If thats not enough to do anything then i'd go for like 800. Plz help, i dunno anything about car asthetics, so don't count on me to know what "good rims" would look like. Thx in advance.

posted by  bobdaman17

This is a "good rim". :wink2:


posted by  vwhobo

So if i put on rims like those i'll pick up all the hunnies?

posted by  bobdaman17

NO no no, what he means is you don't need rims, you need wheels. Do yourself a favor and go look up rims in the dictionary, then look up wheels. I'd personally look into performance mods before aesthic mods. :2cents:

posted by  elchango36

I think it's a perfectly fine looking car the way it is, but whatever.

posted by  hondaman

I have a 1999 Toyota Camry CE. Trust me, in people our age group whatever you do will still make them laugh--it will always be a Camry. Hell, it may even look stupider if you do anything. I'd suggest just leaving it be and save your money. (Not saying I dont like it, but I get made fun of plenty.) :2cents:

posted by  StiMan

elch, from what i understood, trying to do performance mods is a waste of time. At least thats what i got from you guys before. It would be nice if i could squeeze a little bit more power out of it tho. Im driving a contour now and im actually gonna get a downgrade when it comes to acceleration.

So, what would be your reccomendation to get a littlre more power out of it? Waste of time? And also, im thinking of getting different wheels, the stock ones are really really ugly. Im not gonna be dumb and get spinners or something, but just something low key and respectable. Thoughts?

posted by  bobdaman17

So you have the I4 correct? The only major thing that you could do would be one of those stupid fart-cannon exhausts and/or better intake. Most of the performance parts that I have seen are for the V6. If you really want a fast car you should sell it and get something else...
Perhaps the best way to make a statement would be to just get a new (audio) system. If thats what you want, get thunderbird to help you out (hes a member here... you'll see him around I bet).

posted by  StiMan

I'd look into an engine swap. Anyone know if the Toyota 3S-GTE could be fabricated to fit the Camry?? I know it's a stretch seeing as how the engine was primarly used in rear wheel drive and awd layout. That would be one mean ass 4-banger Camry though.

Or how about getting your hands on a 1MZ-FE (Camry and Avalon V6) :2cents:

posted by  elchango36

So far what we know is this kid is young, wants his car too look better, and obviously doesn't have a big budget 500-800$. Where exactly would a MOTOR SWAP fit in? :screwy: Chances are he has no knowledge of doing such a thing, so to pay a shop to swap in a different motor with a budget of 500-800$ makes no sense to me what so ever, especially when what he originally wanted was exterior mods because of it being hard to upgrade his current engine.

posted by  Pythias

Yes, but he later asked for some performance mod advice. I gave him my :2cents: . All he has to do is save some money.

posted by  elchango36

No no no, first you have to have balls and not rely on a car to pick them up :wink2:

posted by  99integra

If that was how it worked, sales of Corvettes would go down considerably.

posted by  vwhobo

Hehe :laughing:

posted by  99integra

If youre a true pimp, you dont need a good lookin car (i got one anyway) to get girls...i can drive a 95 caravan and il get em in there. Just get nicer wheels, and winow tints, youre all set...BTW dont expect to get ANY new wheels, for under 500 with tires (unless you wnat 13in ones). Go for some nice 17in. Check pep boys, they carry the Motegi brand and they actualy make pretty good stuff. For around 1000 you can make it good. That or you can get a sound system, but either way, if you want wheels, and tints, or system and tints, youre looking at a g easy.

posted by  newyorker

I thought you drove a Neon?

posted by  StiMan

lets see i got my new wheels and tires, balanced them, bought new lug nuts and mounted them on the car for about $650. I was gonna do tints for my car and a shop told me $150. lets see when u add that total is 800... how is it a "G" easy? I went to pep boys the other day and saw a nice set of 16inch gunmetal wheels for 200...

posted by  V-Tec

Don't let someone else tell you what your car should look like if you're looking to change its appearance. What looks good to YOU? Look through some wheels and pick ones you like.

Personally, I'm all about the late model Probe GT swirlies (as pictured in my signature) and Enkei Shoguns


posted by  OombaIsBack

well by aesthic do you mean like boy racer stuff?
for 800 dollars and some work you could make your car look nice"ricer look"
spoiler and shave the tags. maybe a primer black paint job. Fake interior gauges. Spray paint your hub caps black.
Im being serious here if thats what you want to go for in your car it would be pretty easy to make it look nice in that fashion.
Though most would say it doens't look nice its just a matter of your tastes.
You could also lower it pretty cheap it makes your wheels look bigger.

posted by  Aondor

We've all seen what you look like and we have all seen your car. Noone beleives you, porky.

posted by  OombaIsBack

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