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Hi guys im new to this forum. i will be buying a car within the next 2 months. and first i had my eyes on the toyota XRS... but after riding a friends mazda, i was amazed how smooth the ride was and how much power it had (stock).

Why Corolla? cheaper car, good engine and handling.. i've been driving my moms corolla for 3 years now and i adapted to it.. sounds sissy yes.. but i think im playing safe?

I never drove a Mazda or know much about them can anyone give feedback? I plan to lower my car, change the sparks and clutch for the first few months.. everything else is secondary (turbo)

This will be my first car and insurance will kill so how can i save money on this thing please help ! thanks

posted by  stringmaster

"change the sparks and clutch..."? :roll:

posted by  vwhobo

Maybe spark plugs and a short throw shifter? lol

BTW for saving money up, I'd suggest, say...I don't know, a savings account? lol

posted by  chris_knows

yeah im thinking about small upgrades first.. savings account yes.. haha i work at the bank.. :D but.. income is still tight.. but back to the models.. what would you guys suggest?

posted by  stringmaster

First I suggest you explain to us how to replace a clutch. And if you are changing the spark plugs, why you aren't changing the spark plug wires as well as they usually go hand in hand. Do you know what a PCV valve is? Fuel Filter? Transmission Filter, as well as oil? Rear end fluid?

These are just SOME maintenance things that should be done on cars, granted not all at the same time, but the point I'm getting at is do you know at all what you're talking about or are you going off of "The Slow and Stupid"?

posted by  Pythias

Naws is good, always use naws.

posted by  GreekWarrior

That's a large difference in price. I would compare the Camry with the 6, and the mazda 3 with the corolla. Personally; it depends on how long you are going to keep the car. If you are going to keep it for a while, the Toyota would be more reliable long term, but the Mazda is so much more powerful and looks so much better. But if i were you, i would choose neither, and wait for the Honda Civic SI Sedan, outhandles all of its competition, its power is decent, not mazda 6 level (normally, you don't compare these two, but you mentioned the 6) but still pretty good, bulletproof reliability, and it looks so much better then the corolla.

But if i had to choose between the corolla and 6, i would go for the 6, but for less money you can get a Civic SI Sedan which is the best bang for buck, at least i think so.

posted by  aerith

Ditto except I would choose the Toyota. The 6 is in the Camry/ Accord section, so power is going to be more because the car is bigger. The Mazda competitor in the Corolla's segment is the 3. The Corolla doesnt look very nice though, but its reliability is much better than a Mazda's. If you want performance I would get the Civic SI Sedan or perhaps consider a Impreza WRX. :thumbs: :2cents:

posted by  StiMan

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