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can anyone ansewer a few questions for me plz?
i needa kno how fast a stock 97 gst is.. quarter and top speed.. and a 95 gst's also if there is a difference in performance?
same with the 97 gsx, and 95 gsx.
and i need to know how much faster the gsx is from the gst, which is gonna cost more to mod?

posted by  Guns_10

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T (Auto) 7.4 (0-60) and 15.5 (1/4 Mile)...not sure about the other ones though.

posted by  chris_knows

wasant there already a thread identical to this one or am i going nuts?

posted by  nighthawk

what about top speeds?

posted by  Guns_10

You know, they make this really nice place called "google" that has this thing called a search feature...

Click the first link when you type "97 eclipse gst"

I don't know why I even bothered. Type your search yourself.

posted by  shadowedII

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