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My friend is looking at getting a 1992 Subaru SVX i was hoping i could get some opinions on the car for him. All opinions are welcome

posted by  95civicdima

They're not sold over here so I couldn't offer any valid opinions on them. While I'm at it though, can you kindly reduce the size of/replace your current sig pic please! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Here ya go


posted by  OombaIsBack

It's a rare vehicle, it isnt that great performing due to it's weight (over 3500lbs). But it looks cool IMO.

posted by  thunderbird1100

SVX's are very interesting little cars. I'd like to have one simply for it's uniqueness.

posted by  hondaman

Thanks for your responses i appreciate the feedback. Could you guys be able to give me any good links. Oomba thanks i'll change the sig when i get outa school. Thanks any other feedback would be great

posted by  95civicdima

my mom owns a 92 SVX.. and it's a torquey lil' car.. never pushed the high end. They're EXPENSIVE to get work done on it tho.. we learned that.. and if he wants to get the windows tinted.. they'll charge you an arm and a leg.. at least that's how it is here.. overall tho.. amazing handling.. decent power(always room for improvement).. So I'd say :thumbs:

posted by  Metzger

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