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which do u guys think would win in quarter mile? 1994 twin turbo supra or 1994 AWD 3000gt vr4? Im getting one of these two cars I would like some opinions on these two cars before i make my decision. Im leaning towards the vr4 cause its cheaper and i could save some of my money but regardless i got the cash for either so don't think about price please.

posted by  ineedanewcar

is this another one of those "i have lots of e-money, and i want to buy a car i will never be able to afford" threads??

posted by  glagon1979

nope this one is true. My grandpa past away 2 months ago and i revieved 17,855 from that i also drive a 1997 F150 in exelent condition with only 58k miles. Im going to sell the F-150 and put it with the rest of my money and im buying one of these 2 cars. The thing is im just 17 years old junior in highschool my mom pays everything food,gass,insurance,phone... ect...

posted by  ineedanewcar

I'd say the Supra is faster. But I'd rather have a 3000GT VR-4.

posted by  hondaman

I'll move this one then...:banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

:clap: i'd want to have the Supra:thumbs:

posted by  mx3_monster

I'd have to go with the twin turbo Supra on this seeing as how the 3000GT VR4 is one fat pig. I'd also like to add that since mommy's paying for pretty much anything, why not just get a BMW or a MB?? I'm sure you'll be picking up the High School honnies faster in one of those than you would running a 1/4 mile. And since your so interested in going fast in a straight line, why not just get a Camaro SS or an SVT Cobra??

posted by  elchango36

i wanna go import thats why i dont want a camero or any type of stang. My fav 2 cars are the Vr4 and twin turbo supra. im not real interested in going straight fast in a line or racing just wanna get a nice cool car and hell why not? Im only young once im gonna have fun while i can

posted by  ineedanewcar

id want people to search through the forums for something that has been asked sooooooo many unforgiving times before already.... on so many forums.... for such a long time....

posted by  Inygknok

I'd take the Supra

posted by  OombaIsBack

The Supra is more uncommon (at least in my area) so you would have the bonus of being more original. :2cents:

posted by  thermo

wow... I dont even know what to say.. you probably wouldnt even know what to do with that power.. yet along drive it..

posted by  sr20detNoob

wow... I dont even know what to say.. you probably wouldnt even know what to do with that power.. yet along drive it..

your a dick
just give him an answer lol

id go with the supra just cuzz its cooler lol
plus its more classy id say

theyre hard to find and rare cars
plus id think theyd definently win in a 1/4 mile just cuzz the vr4 one fat car

supra all the way

posted by  integrakid1991

Supra > Vr4

Less weight > heavy pig

Bulletproof engine > problematic mitsu

high retail value > meh

huge assortmant of performance parts > meh

The only thing I'd consider the VR-4 for would be for AWDm that would be if I were to ever drive it in the snow. Otherwise it's pretty pointless as the weight of the cars kills its potential low end get-up.

posted by  TanyasMkIISupra

holy crap so many people are biased as f*ck :laughing:

supra vs vr4?
i dunno test drive both and see for yourself:2cents:

posted by  nighthawk

My favorite car in the world is a Mk IV supra TT. I just love them. I am going to try and get one in my last years of college when im in a co-op. So I would say the Supra, for reasons other than my just loving them : lighter, more reliable and stronger engine and drivetrain, they look better imo, better handling (much due to being lighter) and quicker braking, and last and certainly not least is a huge aftermarket, my personal favorite is the HKS twin turbo upgrade, i just don't like the big single conversions.

I was going to try and get one but they are way too expensive for me so I just decided to build a street legal VW dune buggy for my fun in the high school years.

posted by  Accord_Man

personally im feelin the 3000 gt

posted by  lamboluver

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