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I got ripped off at Lia Honda of Northampton, MA. They lied to me at several points when purchasing the car, and I had no way to check the information. They told me I'd receive a tax credit, but it was a tax deduction (in 2005) - amounting to $1500 out of my pocket. They also told me 2005 was the last year any tax breaks would be in effect - when in fact the breaks in 2006 are better. I've tried to work it out with them, and they told me to go take a hike. DO NOT shop at Lia Honda of Northampton MA ( - they have no respect for customers. By the time I'm done paying for the car, it will cost me almost $30K.

posted by  jim3mw

Yeah dude, car places can be a pain, anyone whos gone to a dealer to buy a car can tell u most of them are crooks, dono what to tell u though

posted by  dsmracersv98

I will definitely not be buying a car from there.

posted by  Wally

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