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I was reading on the toyotacelica website about a headswap for the 6th generation celicas, basically a head from a supercharged mr2 onto the celica gt motor, He said it increased the power by a fairly good amount, but do you guys know if it would work on a 2001 toyota celica gt? I'm lookn to get some more power out of it with out using boost right now, anyone know?

posted by  dsmracersv98

Well both the newer Celica and MR2 Spyder use the ZZ engine, so I'd assume the head swap can be done w/o major problems. As far as performance gains, I don't think you'll see a huge performance gain(w/o a blower). Remember, the recent MR2 engine didn't make huge hp numbers, it was it's light weight that allowed it to be a quick and maneuverable sun-of-a-gun!!!:2cents:

posted by  elchango36

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