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Ok, this little punk down the street says that the new celica would kick my 95 civic's butt. I agreed. But could a 1995 celica beat a 1995 civic? both the top models of course. My civic is a Vtec-EX coupe. 130 hp. Not sure on the celica. But I sure would like to race this punk, even in his 2002 celica. So whatcha think?

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Well if you were to race him in his 2002 celica all i can say is you're in for a good ol' spanking. A friend of mine has a 2001 celica and that thing can move. But a 1995 celica?, I donno. I know they weren't that fast back then, but I say find one and race it... 8)

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95's had the 2.0 liters, the 4cyl camary engines.. i think they were around 140HP.. i think a 95 would take you.. its got more torque... but there is only one way to find out.. :twisted:

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What trim lvl is the old Celica? If it's GTS or GT4 you might be in trouble :rolleyes:

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The Honda would spank the old Celica's ass, of course!

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I will let you guys know in a few. I am gonna race my gf's bros celica in a week. I was curious also, so i will let you guys know.

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the celica is alot better then the civic. And it looks alot better as well.

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the civic has 160 to motor about 100 to wheels
the celica im not sure about but i think it has more..

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Actually the celica has 2 different motors. One (in the ST) has a 1.6 liter 7afe motor and is slow as a snail (Iknow this cause I own one) and the other is the GT version and it has 2.2 litre 5sfe motor which is the same as the MR2 NA. Ive never owned a Civic but Ihave owned the MR2 and the Celica. I used to eat up civics all day long in my MR2 NA. So if your friend has the GT version you will lose but if he has the ST version you might have a chance.

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I have three of these showing up...I hope deleting two wont delete three...

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hmmm talk about thread revival! :rolleyes:

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If your friend has a '95 Celica GT4, then believe me, your screwed and don't even try. Its got a 3SGTE engine, all-wheel-drive, and turbo. Your Civic won't stand up to that.

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News flash guys. He asked the question over 19 months ago and hasn't come back. I don't think he cares, how about you? 8O

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Oops. LoL. I never really check the dates on the posts, I just check out the ones people put new posts on. My bad.

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i have a 95 Civic DX (102hp)one of my friends has a 90 Celica GT-S HB(130). My car keeps us with him ive beating him on takeoff but he catches up i acn barely win and theres a difference of 28hp. the 95 civic ex versus a 95 celica gt is a good match because it would all depend on the drivers. weight is very important to.a civic ex will win!!!

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I have a european Civic DX and that does 60 in 10.5 seconds and a max speed of 108+ mph (not sure yet sorry)

My mum has a european Celica GTI ST182R (159 BHP) that does 60 in under 7.6 seconds easily and a top of 140mph...

Now i know the specification in america are diffrent to USA. In Uk the civic DX aganist the celica stock wise would get its butt kicked!. Still civics are brillant cars im not dissing them :thumbs:

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nm, i guess not if others are chattin on it

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