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I wasn't sure which forum to put this in but anyhow, i want to paint my 01 celica midnight blue, does anyone know how much all the stuff to prep it cost, and what all I would need, hopefully I can find someone to paint it if I get all of that. anyone know?

posted by  dsmracersv98

are u doing it urself or are u going to let a shop do it? I know before i bought my car i was thinking of buying one with a terrible paint job and having a shop painted and prices ranged from $2500 to $4000. But that was for complete paint job like with the engine bay, door panels,...

posted by  V-Tec

id rather not pay 2 thousand dollars lol, yeah i wana do it myself, or have someone who knows how to paint do it, if i prep it, and i couldn't care less about painting the engine bay or inside, i just want the outside of it painted

posted by  dsmracersv98

Here's a thought genius. Ask the person that you're going to have paint it. Of course, by the time you purchase the materials and then pay someone prep and paint it, you're going to be paying for... wait for it... then entire job anyway. Good bodymen and painters don't give away their work.

posted by  vwhobo

are you sure about that, my dad had a 66 mustang that he had gotten painted by his friend, he said he prepped it and the guy painted it for free

posted by  dsmracersv98

if u buy materials and only use em once u might as well just get a shop to paint it for u cause it will come out the same. The reason why it's so expensive is good auto paint isn't cheap. If u only want the outside done, u might be looking closer to 1k-1.5k...
If u dont care about paint quality just go to Maaco. I think if u do the prep work urself they paint em for less than $500 but their paint sucks.

posted by  V-Tec

There's a possibility that his FRIEND did it as a FRIEND and not as a BUSINESS. Otherwise, NO ONE would give away their labor.

Seriously, the labor is the largest part of the cost of painting a car. A good prep and paint job can take from a week to a month (especially if there is a lot of repair work first, and the level of detail is high), and besides the actual cost of the materials, the time spent sanding, priming, finish sanding, cleaning, taping, and actually laying out paint, then sanding again and buffing, can add up to many, many labor hours.

Here's a thread where I gave a lot of info on painting:

posted by  ChrisV

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