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these are great engines made by toyota
but im wondering if its possible to find the twin cam 16 valve head for the 18r
i think that they were made for europe only but im wondering if the japanese made them to, i want to build a twin cam 16 valve 18r engine
toysport sells them but its complete, and they cost around 10K dollars
im located in the philippines, so ive been looking around here for it and no luck so far

posted by  machspeed

Hi there

Just in case, I have penty stock of TRD parts for 152E toyota engine!!


posted by  Panchitus

Hi I am interested in parts for the 153e engine, could please advise availability.
What parts etc.


posted by  capitsos

I know that the 22r head fit on the 20r block. Does it work with the 18r?

posted by  Inygknok

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