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I know that they have been regarded as grocery getters for a long time, but they are starting to get into the "fun factor" side of daily drivers. First was the WRX, followed by the really fun STi. Do you guys see them as ricers or what? Even if they are from Japan, they do a great job at kicking ass on the track.:smoke:

posted by  Livestrong14

Subarus are not ricers. Most are quick cars and I appreciate their AWD. Besides, I'm the f*cking king.

posted by  What?

Subarus, just like any car, can be made into rice. Aside from the new STI and Tribeca, I like the looks. I could definetly see myself buying a used WRX somewhere down the road.

posted by  giant016

And I could see myself driving a Ranger with a 351c with a twin screw whipple down the road, but the way gas is ::sigh:: it would only be a weekend car :ohcrap:

posted by  99integra

I own a 05' STi and I couldn't be happier. Any other subaru owners?

posted by  Livestrong14

People I know love their scoobies.

posted by  Wally

We're a pretty loyal bunch. I respect all makes, but I chose subaru for the car, not the name.:thumbs:

posted by  Livestrong14

Just recently becoming exciting? Subaru has been into the sports car area for a bit longer than you think. The Subaru SVX, though heavy, was a truly unique and interesting car. And not half boring to drive, either.

By the way, precisely what was that supposed to mean?

posted by  hondaman

I thought I would throw in the fact that they are made in japan, for all the muscle heads to know that japanese cars are kind of where it's at currently.

posted by  Livestrong14

Believe me, my dad owns a subaru shop and I have been around them and worked on them for years.

p.s. the svx is truly unique, just has ugly ass windows!

posted by  Livestrong14

Let me just be the first one to go on record as calling bullsh*t. From this persons very first post he has made it a point to tell us he owns a Subaru several times AND that Daddy owns a "Subaru shop".

That is the work of someone who really, REALLY wants you to believe him. My guess is that he's a 14 year old who has never even ridden in a Subie.

Final thought in response to this trash.

Yeah, they're made in Japan... Except for the ones made in Lafayette, Indiana. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

muscle heads? Wtf is a muscle head.
Hobo you beat me do it I was going to jump all over him about indiana you need to stop being online so much

posted by  Aondor

I really don't care what you think.

posted by  Livestrong14

there's only one way to settle this. Have someone take a pic of you next to your Scoobie while you flip off the camera and hold a sign that says "Bitch I live in a trash can"........Till, then, we'll go on not believing you

posted by  Satty101

Aaaaahhhh, satty, such sophisticated humour....:laughing:

posted by  windsonian

What would have reflected the fact that some/most/half, of Subaru's are made in Japan (as if the vast majority didn't already know....) would be if you posted this in the right place...:banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

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