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I hope I'm not the only subie on here. If you have one, what year? Let's see what you've got!

posted by  Livestrong14

Not a subie owner, but a fan indeed. I especially like the new 06 STi's

you'd be surprised what they let you test drive when you pull up in an M3.

posted by  Zalight

^^^ haha, I'm sure. I think I'll rent a fancy car. so when I pull into the dealership, they'll let me test drive a fancy car.:thumbs:

posted by  Livestrong14

Seriously! They offer you coffee and tea and everything.

The only hard part is escaping the dealership. Especially when they think they have a rich guy who wants thier car.

posted by  Zalight

I thought your Dad OWNED the dealership?

posted by  windsonian

no, he owns a subaru repair shop. I sure wish he owned a whole damn dealership

posted by  Livestrong14

so you've got a 1year old sti and you're worried about renting something nice so you can test drive.... what exactly? an 06 one? cos yeah, you'd really need to rent something else...... :screwy:

unless you don't own the sti....

posted by  windsonian

92 SVX here ;)

posted by  Metzger

UK Spec 96 SVX over here......and lovin it !!:clap:

posted by  Gezzyg

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