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Looking at the new Lexus ES350, and I saw that Premium unleaded fuel is recommended. I called the dealer and asked about it and was told that premium is only recommended for the advertised performance numbers and that regular unleaded can be used with no detrimental effects to the engine. Just some minor loss of performance.

Is this true? Does anybody have any evidence to the contrary?

I can see the loss of performance and that doesn't bother me that much, but what I am concerned about is whether the use of regular fuel will cause any damage to the engine over the long term.


posted by  rcash54

The stealership is correct. Modern engine management systems are able to compensate for lower octane fuel. You WILL however notice a decrease in power but it will have no negative affect on engine longevity or reliability.

A short disclaimer for the many 12 year olds who will read this. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT BY PUTTING HIGHER OCTANE FUEL INTO A VEHICLE THAT IS NOT OPTIMIZED FOR IT, YOU WILL GAIN POWER OR PERFORMANCE. Please continue with the normally scheduled stupidity.

posted by  vwhobo

does this mean that most engines are designed for a higher octane fuel? ... ie. enough compression to cause knocking (if not compensated for by the mgmt system as you said)?

posted by  windsonian

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