Anyone ridden in/driven a Mazdaspeed Protege? Opinions?

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I need some opinions from people who have ridden in it. I'm comin up on 16 and having been saving FOREVER, and I really want something nice and very fun to drive yet with pretty good mileage. I used to want an S-10 Xtreme (4.3L 5 speed - I still kinda want it but gas is getting too expensive - I'm gonna be on the gas quite a bit and I cant afford 16 mpg when driven a little hard) I know the suspension is PRO on this car but what I want to know is - It should be fast enough to have fun in as a first car right? The only mods I would do would be bigger intercooler, CAI, and nice exhaust. This should wake it up a little bit, maybe get into the 14's. I dont want to mess with boost though - the engine cant take it. So basically, have any of you ridden in this car or driven it??? Is it a good setup for a very fun daily driver? I take care of my things and have driven a manual before (04 porsche boxster S :smoke: - I hate normal boxsters but this one hauled) so plz dont call me a noob and disregard my questions - not to sound like I expected it or anything though, lol. As well, at least from the quotes I got, the insurance seems to not be that bad! This is for 6 months on a brand new account (it would go on my parents spotless record with a good grades discount and drivers ed discount - this is just for comparison) Could be a screwy quote but here's what I got - same settings for all of the cars:

MazdaSpeed Protege

Scion tC

RSX Type S

20th Anniversary GTI

2003 VW GTI

S-10 Xtreme

Would the GTI be a better first car because of its ability to take more boost on stock internals? I really value a good suspension though and the GTI needs bodywork to look good. . .

Stock 0-60 for MSP is 6.9 and QM is 15.3 if I remember correctly. Runs 6.5 PSI stock - I know, LOW boost but still, its better for the engine. . .

posted by  Shift4

Where the f*ck did you get those prices?

posted by  99integra - got quotes - those are for 6 months with mostly the lowest coverage settings on a new account for a new driver with no experience. But thats just for comparison to other cars not for an accurate price.

Is it too slow compared to other 4 cyl performance cars? The SRT-4 is a monster but I think its really ugly plus the interior and stereo suck and the suspension isnt as good. Plus its a piece-a-dodge. Also, I cant really get anything with a badge on it like SS Supercharged (cobalt) or Type S as the insurance goes up - for some reason the MSP doesnt seem to go up for this.

posted by  Shift4

LOL...I don't see how a cars ability to handle boost makes it a better first car.

posted by  Mathew

well I have a need for speed and I just dont want to get bored with the MSP. With exhaust, CAI, and a front mount intercooler (hereafter reffered to as FMIC), would it be pretty quick? 14's right? 15.3 stock, that should shave it to like a 14.9 right?

posted by  Shift4

no-one? I tried to post at but even my SECOND account doesnt work there. . . thats a cool feeling!

What do you guys think though, is it a good tuner first car with performance to match its killer looks? I hvnt ridden in any sports cars lately that were going fast so I need to know how this thing is - what would the 0-60 be with a Vibrant Exhaust setup, Injen CAI, and FMIC?? FMIC's are pretty expensive arent they? Do they add any real HP or just prevent heat-soak when driving hard for more than a few minutes?

posted by  Shift4

yeah but 14's arent fast at all..

posted by  Copenhagen

are you sure those quotes arent for a full year, i have a newer celica and its 2900 a year on insurance, with me being 17, 2800 for 6 months, would be a huge rip off buddy

posted by  dsmracersv98

Like I said, this is for a brand new driver with no previous account (not on a parents account) and no discounts (like good grades or drivers ed). But your yearly price really helps my case - I'll tell my parents and see if that helps.

Also, is the MSP pretty reliable? My pops keeps telling me that just since it has a turbo, it won't be reliable. Isnt this a bit of a generalization? Considering that the GTI 1.8T is a fairly bombproof engine. . .

I need some opinions of the car though - especially in comparison to others

posted by  Shift4

all these cars are kind of too fast for first car but suit yourself... my friend got a 98 audi a4 quatro and slapped a supercharger on there. Now it's near 300hp under 10k ( he bought the car wrecked, his dad helped him rebuild it)

posted by  V-Tec

I just looked up a 98 A4. . . . not really my style :-/ its a pretty cool car but I dont know, the looks dont do much for me. . . plus I dont want a lot of miles like all of them mostly do. . .

Has anyone here ever raced (against) an MSP? Whats a gas realistic mileage figure i could get in the car while driving moderately hard?

posted by  Shift4

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