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Hey guys, well as of now my 2000 civic si is pretty much stock performance wise..its basically all show no go..I really want to change that now that I finally have some money again..Well basically right now I only have a injen intake and ignition wires hooked up..I basically want to try to bring it around 14.5 to be able to compete with the next level cars.. My question is what and how should I go about it without spending all the money on a turbo b/c I dont have that kinda money right now..As of now I am looking to get a Apexi World Sport 2 exhaust system along with dc sports headers. I feel that would be a decent start and maybe eventually upgrading the pulleys and flywheel and maybe gettin a throttle body and something like the venom 400?? Well let me know what you think...any type of help with be appreciated, thanks mike

posted by  00civicsi

Just do it, you know you want to.... (

BUT, if you insist, the best money/horsepower mod out there has to be nitrous.

posted by  Zalight

yeah man, I like those 2000 Si's - is it blue? Ummmm, I think like you said, exhaust would be a great mod to get - you're gonna have to get it eventually anyway if you want to move up the ranks - headers should help too. . . Go with the headers, exhuast, and maybe some kinda chip (GTI style). . . Sry, i've been out of the tuner market for a while now so all I know is 4.3L Chevy's . . . I gotta get back into this. . .

posted by  Shift4

What do you think it would run if I threw a turbo and exhaust on it?

posted by  00civicsi

It says 75-100 hp gain, so I'd say anywhere from 240 to 270 or so with the exhaust...Also, you might want to look here for some stuff: eTypeID=1

posted by  chris_knows

So say I' am running 250hp, the car should be able to hit low 14s in the 1/4, correct? Also if I was to get a turbo installed, should anything else be replaced to make it run 100%??--or the turbos are pretty much a complete package...Thanks

posted by  00civicsi

youll probly do even better than 14's

and turboes are pretty much a complete package as fas as a civic goes, they shouldnt be very much trouble

posted by  nighthawk

Theturbo should put you into the 13's or so. My friend Pane has a civic hatch with a b-18c5, turbo'd with a 50 shot of nitrous. it isn't running right now, but when it was (for all 3-4 days) it felt like it was good for high 12's low 13's.

posted by  Zalight

man head work will do the trick! JG, GUDE,DPR all make good head packages.i went with gude on my 00 SI, it was my first upgrade it was like night and day bro! intake ,pullys, exhaust= 20hp, head work=40hp+.

posted by  ty2000

if you turbo it you need some one who knows how to tune it. when you turbo a b16a2 detonation is arround the corner,because these kits DONT have proper fuel management, you basicly pay 2500-3500 just to blow it up if your not carefull.rev hard,drag,greddy are top line kits but i wouldn use them! i know a guy in riverside ca who builds custom turbo kits, high quality EVERYTHING ,13psi on stock bottom and top end stupid fast and many have went over 80,000 mile mark!

posted by  ty2000

i would have to go with the headers and the exhaust .... maybe a flywheel ... maybe a cam .... and you could possibly think about a clutch depending on how far you want to go (how much money you want to spend)

posted by  lamboluver

You can pay a dyno shop ~250 to tune it for you.

posted by  PontiacFan27

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