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hi, just subscribed 2 the thread and thought i might start by asking this....well as everyone knows civics arent the most powerful cars, so i was wondering if yall might know anything within the $800 range? thats pretty cheap but i really dont have all that much cash as of right now! thanks a ton in advance!

btw i found this but i dont know if its worth it....its not like one of those turbonator things people were talking about being a rip-off is it?

posted by  darkmaniac7

If you have $800 and you're serious about performance, read nunmber 1. If you're looking for smaller gains over stock , skip to number 2.

1.) Save a liitle more for an engine swap. I've seen a couple of B16/B18's for around the $1200-$1400. It aslo helps if you do the swap yourself. I really wouldn't recommend doing anything to the D-series if your not boosting. I've heard of people building junkyard turbos for around $800 but seeing as how I haven't done it/seen it first hand I can't really offer solid advice.

2.)cold air intake, headers, exhaust.

Good luck with whatever you decide. :thumbs: :2cents:

posted by  elchango36

what about a Nos system...i mean is it even worth it...also would that venom 400 be worth it? i prolly wont go as far as an engine swap but would like some decent performance gain....i dont really know much about cars, sorry.

posted by  darkmaniac7

Sorry, nitrous-oxide is another means of cheap horsepower (although I'm not sure on how cheap). You have to understand that it's safe in MODERATION. Think of it as on/off hp instead of constant horsepower like what you would get building a N/A monster (like what I'm doing). You can seriuosly damaged your motor if you run NO2 all the time. If your looking for reliabilty, you may want to build your motor first and foremost before any big bolt-on such as NO2, boost, or blower. What are you looking to get out of your car? a Drag racer? AutoX? Daily driver? Grocery getter? Cornering machine? weekend Road Racer? M3 killer:hi:? It all depends on what you plan to use your car for and how you plan to do it. The first basic rule in building a car= FAST/CHEAP/RELIABLE... pick 2. Which 2 are most important to you. I chose the fast/reliable, which is why it's taking me so long to build my road racing cornering machine. Like I said, it all depends on what YOU want. oh, and one more thing. Don't let other people tell you how to build your car. If you're into body kits and wings go for it. Don't be persuaded by what others say or think. Build something that you like. Afterall, you're the one that's gonna be driving it, not anyone else. Hope this helped. :wink2:

posted by  elchango36

ya man thanks a ton...the reason im asking for help is b/c i know nothing on car mechanics but know quite a bit more about audio...basically taking off hard from stoplights, more or less id like it to have a fast acceleration, and pretty good turning to go at high speeds around curves and turns. did you look at that venom 400 the engine tuner i mean? i thought it looked promising.....

posted by  darkmaniac7

Before investing any more money, take some time and reflect on what you really want (I'm not sure you know what you want). Street racing is frowned upon here at CF, there are tracks all over the states for different types of racing. It sounds like you're a future drag racer ("id like it to have a fast acceleration"). If you want to go fast in a straight line you're cheapest route would be selling your honda and buying another car. There are fast under 12 second civics, but they're boosted for the most part and turbos/supercharger kits run about $2500-$3500 (and that's just the kit, not including the cost of building the bottom end of your engine). As far as NO2 goes, you might as well ask someone who knows more about them. I'm staying away from "NOS" for 2 reasons, A.) it's my personal belief that spraying is cheating. B.) the whole ricer-boy NAWZ attitude. This is ofcourse my personal opinion as to why I've decided not to go that route. I understand that spraying has been around for decades and that it's a proven solution to building a race car. All I'm saying is it's not really my thing and I'm therefore not the type of person you want to be asking about them.

posted by  elchango36

don't use nitrous on the streets, and i wouldnt reccomend it on a stock fuel setup, just save more for a motor swap, prelude motor, or b16, or b18. the motor you have would take way too much to make fast, they do have plenty of performance parts for your engine though too but it wouldnt be worth the money

posted by  dsmracersv98

have you looked into head work and or hondata ecu/chip. ive been fooling with only hondas since 1990 and i found by tinkering with the computer you can get good power. i had a 95 civic si with a fields vtec controller, injectors ,stand alone computer and a dc header thats it! it was quicker than my bone stock 00 si by a car and a half and it never gave me any problems.

posted by  ty2000

Thank You:smoke:

posted by  elchango36

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