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Okay heres the deal. My friend just bought a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000gt. Its the not the vr4 but its still pretty fast. Im kind of looking for a new car myself and i want one! But i saw a 1989 supra for sale by my house for only 2000$! it looked like it was in pretty good condition. I'm not sure if its the turbo or not but lets just say it isn't. What i want to know is how would an older non turbo supra compare to a non turbo 94' 3000gt? Right now i drive an 86' ford mustang 4-cyl and i would like to upgrade. Would the supra, being only 3 years newer, be much of an upgrade?

posted by  flybynight1456

this thread reminds me of every thread ive ever seen:banghead:
have you searched the forums?

posted by  nighthawk

okay... ive seen one other thread comparing the vr4 to a turbo supra.. thats all fine and dandy but id like to know about the "non turbo" versions of these cars. Ill search for a similar thread but an answer rather than a bash would be nice.

posted by  flybynight1456

Ok so you want an advice?

You are wasting your money, there is no upgrade between the two cars because both are at least over 12 years old, plus you really have to drive the other car to see if it was well taken care of or abused. Looks could be very deceiving in cars.

If i was you, I would really invest in something newer than that, unless you are a mechanic. Hope that helps. Good luck.

posted by  automan

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