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i bought a 92 project mx3 last summer and have a ford escort gt dohc engine swap, full tranny rebuild, cold air intake, racing ecu, brembo braking system, ebachi spring 2" drop, 15" maxxim rims, and a fresh new paintjob. car is looking good and handles really tight but lacks alot of power. question is a buddy of mine rebuilds turbo's from wrecked cars and says he'll slide me a audi turbo for $200. just wonding wut are the other parts i would have to mess with to run this without blowing anything, and if the mod would even be possible, thanks.

posted by  mckennj3

Don't bother. Get that escort engine out of there. Do a KLZE swap. It's the J-spec V6 out of the Probe and MX6, and it puts out 200 hp. In light MX3s they can run 14.7s easily. The best thing you can do to get advice is head over to Probetalk or Mx-3 website. Google it, since not aloud to advertise.

posted by  PontiacFan27

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