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ok, i want to get into the drifting scene.. i have raced stock cars my hole life, and just dont get the thrill i use to.. i previously owned a 95 3kgt, and then a 97 eclipse gst, but i just sold the gst and am car less.. im looking for a car that i can drift with, because both were front wheel cars i never really tried before except in my brothers 98 trans am ws6.

but straight to my question, is there a real difference between awd cars and rwd cars on the track? because i love the eclipse platform, and woul get a eclipse gsx if awd cars can hold up with the rwd, or maybe a subaru sti, but if the rwd cars are king, im gonna go with a rx 7 or a 240sx.. plz help, and throw in anything else if you think needed.. thank you

posted by  Guns_10

yah, i see skylines drifting all the time.. and most are awd, thats what drew my question.. but yah, rwd is most comenly seen.. but its still possible with awd, just a little more difficult? and also, dose anyone kno how to make an awd car a rwd car? ive seen it done with driffting skylines, and sti's..

tokyo drift didnt really spark my intrest in drift, but it dose look like a fun movie, i think it will expose drifting to the world, because there are still many ppl out there that dont kno of drifting. but i dont kno if it will be a good thing, it def. will either make or break the sport with common ppl

posted by  Guns_10

Holy testicle tuesday Batman, a newb with an advert in his sig actually knows something and has contributed something usefull to the forum!:laughing:

Guns, the 240Sx would be the perfect platform for a beginer. The RX7 can be pricey to modify if you don't do the work yourself. I'd also look into older MX5 Miatas. Tremendous aftermarket for such a light, fun, rwd, little roadster. :2cents:

posted by  elchango36

to guns10

my thoery(sp) on awd drifting is that it might be different and probably harder than rwd, It can look way better though if done the right way:2cents:
hope that sounds right

posted by  nighthawk

how skylines drift even with the ATTESSA-ETS?

anyway I've been looking around drift sites lately and here's the (extremely quick) brief on suspension set-ups

Lower the car but try to make it lean forward
Make sure the front springs are softer than the rear
Keep the rear springs stiffer than the fronts
Try putting on some negative camber on the rear and positive on the fronts
(If you feel like it) you can put [slightly] better brake pads on the fronts

And if ever, watch the Drift Bible DVD instead of relying on the Fast And The Furious movie, it helps a lot.

posted by  ahoo

Attend drift days-you'll get loads of advice from the people there plus you'll get lots of practise.

posted by  fudge

[QUOTE=ahoo]how skylines drift even with the ATTESSA-ETS?

isn't that what the Evo has? The guy said something like that at the dealership, but I doubt the ones hes talkn about are really all wheel or 4 wheel drive, In sport compact car, they showed that they imported 10 Evo 9's for the fast n furious, from japan, and converted them to rear wheel drive for the movie.

posted by  dsmracersv98

Bear in mind also, that most AWD cars have a 60/40ish split in favour of the rear wheels, although this doesn't seem like much, it makes a difference!

posted by  Cliffy

You can drift in a AWD as easily as you can in a RWD. It would probably give you better control as well. You just gotta make sure the power split has a rear wheel bias.

posted by  PontiacFan27

ohh ok, the guy at the dealer said that the evo would be a bad car for drifting, i just wasnt sure though

posted by  dsmracersv98

Car dealers don't know a damn thing.

posted by  PontiacFan27

:orglaugh: It's funny cause its true!

posted by  elchango36

It Is true !

the guy at the pontiac dealer here was trying to tell me the solstice gxp of next year was going to have a supercharged 6 cylinder :screwy:

hey, it was a good time to share my little story

posted by  nighthawk

no awd wouldnt come close drifting wise to a rwd ... awds get too good of traction .. harder to get them loose ... overall ... no rwd=better

posted by  lamboluver

even though this thread already looks a lilttle bit dead i'll put in my $0.02. Someone mentioned the early miatas and while they are fun cars for I have a 1990 miata and 1989 240 I would steer clear of the miata for drifting since it is shorter than most cars and has a perfect 50/50 weight distribution it can get a bit scary if trying to drift and usually will send u spinning like a top, or it could just be me. But as far as AWD or RWD I would go with RWD because if enoughy power is eventually made you won't need to pull the E-brake you can simply downshift and give it the gas to spin the rear wheels.

posted by  240SXSR20DET

cept for me.....

posted by  mazda6man

dammit grave diggers... this thread is old... and you got me posting on it!

posted by  mazda6man

Drifting an AWD and drifting a RWD are two totally different things. Technically, you can drift a FWD car also but the technique is different. The 240sx and Rx-7 are two ideal cars in the world of drifting due to the RWD platform and manuverable yet unstable setups. An Rx-8, for example, has the potential to drift, but does not drift well in stock form because it is extremley stable. The Rx-7 handles well but becomes unstable in those high G drifts making it loose traction and slide. Keep in mind the technique for drifting an FWD, AWD, and RWD are different. I suggest you read over some material before deciding what drive train you want to start with. In terms of easiest, I would go with a RWD car. Rx-7 for inital power, or 240sx for upgrade simplicity.Keep in mind that the Rx-7 rotoray is unforgiving and will blow easily. :banghead: It may not be the best car to practice drifting in...

Hope the info helped, Good Luck!!!:thumbs:

posted by  05BlackWRX

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