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hi guys i just bought a mostly stock mazda rx 7 series 8 and with all the hype of fast and furious 3 i want to get into drifting. I woul like help and ideas on what i should do to make my rx7 drift good. MONEY IS NOT AN ISSUE.

posted by  McMuzza

now thats some funny stuff. i think we should start a tally of how many people we get on here, saying stuff like this:laughing:

posted by  glagon1979


posted by  Spade

You should read this article:

Then go to a drift day and get advice from the guys there and also practice.

posted by  fudge

What you dont know is that professional drift cars have over $200,000 in mods put into the cars to be able to do that, not only the mods but you have to DYNO and Retune the computer to ba able to do that. Also most do 500-600 in second and third gear which makes them completly usless on the streets

posted by  mastersypro

Unless he meant an amateur weekend drift car, where he'd put money in occassionally whenever he could lol.

BTW What do you mean by they do 500-600 in second and third? lol

posted by  chris_knows

Please tell me you're joking right?

posted by  fudge

Any RWD car can drift. You dont need to spend 200,000 dollars. Especially when you take into consideration how much of that money is for cosmetic crap. Dyno tuning is not hard.

And what the **** are you talking about 500-600 in second and third gear? I hope you dont mean speed, because if so that makes the the biggest dumbass on this board.

posted by  PontiacFan27

A stock RX-7 can drift, engine power is sufficient in a stock Rx-7 so you shouldn't focus too much on the engine. You don't have to dyno your car or retune the ECU to drift. You're better off save the money for tyres and replacement parts as drifting puts a lot of strain.

posted by  fudge

I didnt mean speed, also what I said was all on a program on tv about drifting

Ok so i will admit yes you can drift with a stock RWd But not like hte pro's, you might get a little tail whip but thats about it

posted by  mastersypro

Well how about a pro drifting a stock car?

Drifting is mainly about car control, pouring money into modifications doesn't make you a drifter. Pro's don't usually start off in 400hp Silvias.

posted by  fudge

Great, a moron repeating what he hears on TV is gonna teach US about this. Right. :banghead:

posted by  PontiacFan27

That RX-7 sounded like an F1 car :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Well I guess you can spend some on suspension tuning and brakes. That is pretty much all you need to make it a tad bit easier, but try drifting the stock version first before you do anything to the car so you get a feel for it. And I guess you can try this on an empty parking lot:

Shift Down

by the second brake start turning the wheel

posted by  ahoo

youre a moron. have you actually watched amature drifting? some people arent that bad. i mean heck, i can hold one for a decent amount of time. sure, no d1 status, but if youre basing your knowlege off of what you hear from a television episode, dont touch your keyboard

posted by  mazda6man

RX-7 is not a bad place to start from, but after reading a bit on tese boards i am starting to wonder how many 12 year old boys went and saw that movie and thought they would come on hear and crap on a bit, car clubs are the only way to go if your serious

posted by  DRFT-R

eh...drifting...im more into linear racing myself, but if u do go into the big skidd, dont u need a new set of tires for every race or something like that? i know moneys not an issue here, but isnt drifting not very economical and could potentially damage your car severely. i mean, if u had say a Corolla Levin or an old 240SX (Nissan Silvia to those not familiar), then id say maybe it would make more sense for something so risky to the car. but an RX-7? are u willing to make those kinds of risks with a much more expensive car?

posted by  omegaV12

All you really need to start you off is a few extra sets of tires, a RWD car that has somewhat lots of power for its weight, a supportive seat, practice and people that can give you many pointers. Later on, the most substantial mod that you can make to your car for amateur drift is an LSD.

Tsuchiya is awesome...I have this 90 minute DVD with him providing a 'drift clinic' covering everything from how to get started, how he got started and the various techniques of drift.

posted by  Newspeak

What makes these pros so much different than anyone else? Drifting is a fairly new thing as far as leagues and such are concerned. I bet you Rhys Millen hasn't been drifting all his life, so I'm sure anyone can get as good as these "pros" with alot of practice.

posted by  PontiacFan27

for tyres head down to scrape yards and just find as many half decent tyres as you can, and flog the crap out of them, using an rx7 to learn in is a bad idea, every one knows that rotaries are not nown for there reliabilitie and it will need to be rebuild over and over again, if you got sponsors and enough money to have a couple of engines spare go for your life, but trust me any rear will drive car can get side ways, i used to say to not believe that but i have been prove wrong to many times

posted by  DRFT-R

Rotaries are usually good for 80,000+ miles, I don't think hes gonna be rebuilding every weekend.

posted by  PontiacFan27

I actually have a good drifting story. hehe, it's funny too because i frequently talk crap about how racing and drifting is stupid but...hey i was sitting next to the driver, adn it wasn't my car.

It was his 97 ford taurus.

So my best friend and I are coming home from looking at the mall, and we're approaching a kind of out-of-the-way sideroad.

...Basically, i live in the middle of nowhere (more cows than kids in my town), theres tons of dirt roads around here, but i've never seen anyone down this one, nor been on it myself.

Going up the hill to go by this road, he looks at me and asks if i've ever been on it. "No" i answered, "what about you?" He shook his head and said "18 years and i've never gone down it," so he put on his blinker and we turned into the dirt road.

Probably smaller than one lane on a regular road, we continue to go down it, picking up speed. Eventually it turns to gravel and we're up to about 50 miles an hour. We go up a hill, and all of a sudden theres a sharp sharp turn to the right. Immediately he cuts the wheel, and yes-for the first time, we drifted.

Your first thought is "holy shit."
So is your second.

Note: this road isn't getting any wider, but how is that gonna stop us? We're invinceable in a 500$ ford taurus.

We kept drifting around short sharp turns, the car was getting thrown all around. Hitting sticks, rocks. Felt like the cars gonna just fall apart at any minute. More drifting continues, and the car gets worse and worse. Until finally, we go around a longggg turn. A short straightaway followed by a hill, the car launches onto a rock sticking out of the ground, and skids the entire bottom of the car, making the most awful sound that you, yes you, have ever heard.

We decide that something bad probably just happened and find our way out (pretty much a maze), I get out of the car to check under it, and inevitably, the transmission pan was leaking horribly.

So we start driving towards the auto-repair shop that he used to work at (he got fired when we got there)...Just intime for all the beautiful red fluid to leak out.

so, moral of the story is...Drifting can be done on gravel. :doh:


posted by  Spade

you do know the 240sx and the silvia are 2 different NISSAN's dont ya???



posted by  True_Brit

good luck with that if you do any basic mods to a rotary watch out every 20,000 kilometres you will be rebuilding and you can knock that figure in half or less if you are thinking of drifting it, rotaries are alot of fun but with all good things there is a bad side

posted by  DRFT-R

Not really, fundamentally the same, same engine, same looks (ish), same drivetrain.....

posted by  Cliffy

Actually, the 240SX was simply one of the export names for the Silvia (and depending on year and engine, it was also known as the 180SX and 200SX, though not all cars with those names carried engiens of those displacements...)


posted by  ChrisV

Its called ass sliding in a FWD car peanut

posted by  99integra

try all that in a van!
even scarier

posted by  True_Brit

i don't think the 240sx was ever called a silvia, that could just be disrespectful to the name, a 180sx is a 180sx a 200sx is also known as a silvia, but the 240sx is a piece of crap and will never be called a silvia, seriously that engine is the biggest lump of crap i have ever seen, sr20 is what makes the silvia what it really is, the ca18 is not to bad but the 24o is junk

posted by  DRFT-R

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