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Dont they make a 4wd supra??I know they have the celica i wasnt sure about the supra.

posted by  suprarx7TT

i dont think so, just rearwheel

posted by  mazda6man

Even though I like the Supra as it is, it would be cool to see an awd version.

posted by  GreekWarrior

no, there is no AWD supra. not even any of its brother models (IE: chaser, cressida, etc.) had AWD that i know of.

posted by  Inygknok

ahh, the cressida, how i love the cressida... i wanna sell my ae86 and buy myself a cressida... nothin like a RWD sedan that noone wants... darn corolla and everyone wanting one now...

posted by  mazda6man

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