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Where can I buy replacement parts for it? I found a $400 1995 Nissan Altima, but it needs work, until I know what exactly is wrong, I need to know where I could buy the parts?

Also, anyone have a pic of it in green? I can't find one on google images.,

posted by  metalfan1

http://www.carsearch.com/photos/771697.jpeg not the best pic ever, if i had a digital camera i wouldve taken a pic of the womans that i go to church with, as for parts, look around on ebay, i don't really know where else you would find them, they might even have some aftermarket parts available for them i havent looked, hope that helped some though

posted by  dsmracersv98

i would try your local junk yard or ebay. also i'm sure about this but the 240sx has the same ka24de engine as the altima only thing is that it's tuned differently and the 240sx is rwd whereas the altima is fwd. i'm actually trying to find out if engine parts from the 240sx will fit the altima since there the same engine model

posted by  sk8punkmjw

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