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Ok I am thinking about getting a supercharger for my prelude.
I know thats its worth the money getting another 235hp to the pavement.
But how hard are they to instal, im new to tuning up cars and stuff so would it be to hard for me to do it myself? e.jpg

posted by  Almost

The actuall install shouldn't be too hard, what will be more difficult for a newb or anyone who isn't a mechanic is a proper ecu tune. Since you'll be throwing a lot more air and fuel, your ecu needs to know how much air/fuel to throw in the motor. You probably won't just be getting a blower, I assume you'll take the proper steps in preparing your car for boost (you don't want to blow your motor right?). Don't forget your not just buying the blower system and bolting it right up. Alot more things are involved. What immediatly comes to mind apart from building the bottom end, is you'll prob need injectors, stronger valve springs, and some type of engine management to properly tune your car. There's more to it, this should just give you an idea.:thumbs:

posted by  elchango36

ok thanks man

posted by  Almost

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