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Dear Car Gods,

I've owned my 1995 Honda Civic DX (manual transmission, 1.5) for a little over 5 years now, and I'm thinking about getting it's engine replaced this summer, instead of buying a new car. I figured it would be a bit cheaper. Plus I love this car, and would hate to see it go to waste.

But it's way too slow for me. :hi:

Instead of ranting about modifications that I want without knowing what they are first, I thought I'd list what I want out of it, and let you all give the best suggestions for my situation. (BTW, the only thing I know how to do on a car is give it a minor tune-up, change oil, and basic maintenance.....be gentle, I do however know most of the parts, thank god for Hanes Manuals!).

Budget: Around $3,000 (I would like to pinch pennies as much as possible though, if it's possible from what you're about to read, if it's going to be more, I'm sure I can dig it from somewhere).

First of all, I would like to put a 6 cylinder with turbo in it. (Is this possible with this amount of cash?)
- What engine would fit best, which is faster/more reliable for the money?
- Should I have the Honda dealer install it? Does it matter?
- From information I've gathered, if I'm replacing the engine with a complete new one, I will have to replace pretty much everything but the frame. Is this true? And if so, what brand/type of systems (exaust, turbo, transmission, suspension) should I be looking for?

I'm not looking to make a "Fast and Furious" body modification, I would like to keep the body the way it is, and maybe install a moonroof and get some back and front lips for it. But nothing too flashy. Just the engine, so it takes off rapidly and leaves people wondering what the &$%#k just happened. :laughing:

Thank you for reading, and thanks for not flaming my ignorant ass!

posted by  microsplit

I can almost certainly garentee you WILL be flamed, unless you find the 'Introduce yourself' section and use it :thumbs: :banghead: btw...I like the definition, 'Car Gods' :thumbs: :hi:

posted by  Cliffy

^^^ I agree with this... And BTW. The only civic I have ever seen with a 6 cylinder engine, had a mid engine, and it was a full drag car. Unless you have A LOT OF FREAKING MONEY I would erase that from your mind.

But please introduce yourself and I'll be glad to help you out.

posted by  Integra_LS

I have introduced myself, are thy Gods pleased? Shall I sacrifice a lamb my lords?

posted by  microsplit

the Civic DX is a strong, lightweight chassis, which makes it the perfect base for a Civic based performance car. But as was said, teh V6 idea is just not practical. You could go mid engine, which would help the weigh balance, but there would be a lot of fabrication to do it. I helped a friend do it years ago to an earlier Civic hatchback, but it's not a begineer's project.

On the other hand, a swap to a B18 would give you huge performance potential at a rather low overall cost. This is a common, well scienced out swap that you could conceivabley easily make into a good daily driver that handles well and runs very quick for a street car (this is the common route that guys take to make 10 second quarter mile, streetable Civics).

posted by  ChrisV

Okay, now sacrifice a fresh virgin... Haha :joking:

As Cliffy said the Civic DX is an excellent platform for modding. There is no power windows locks, no sunroof, just a stripped down civic. That's what makes them my personal favorite. Although a b18 would be nice, it would probably be much easier to swap in a b16. Have to go for now, I will help you more later.

posted by  Integra_LS

Yes, I've heard from various people that this year/Model Civic is the best to "pimp" out, and many have offered to do it for me if I got the parts for it! Must be a great hobby car, it has been for me so far...

OK, I was looking at the different types of B18's and B16's. I think I like the B18c GSR Engine (VTEC). It's a bit pricey brand new ($3700), but I think I could swing it. The B18b LS is nice, but it has less HP... Would it be noticably slower though?

What about Turbo for these engines? What should I be looking for? Would this engine be able to compete with, lets say.....a Mustang (standard).....with turbo that is...?

Perfect! Now I know which engine I want! Thank you! :clap:

posted by  microsplit

Don't worry about what it can or can't compete with. A bad driver in a fast car can easily be beaten, and a good driver in a slower car might embarass you. On the street, the variables are so huge as to not matter, and in sanctioned competition, the cars you have to worry about will be similar to your own.

A stock B18 from an LS will have less power, but if you end up modding it later, it doesn't really matter, except I think that engine is the SOHC version. You'd really want to swap out the pistons and cams when doing a turbo, so if that's your ultimate destination, get a lower power DOHC B18 and get it running in the car to start with. You can buy new turbo kits, but there are many, many guys building reliable swap meet turbo cars that there's just no reason to spend that kind of money unless you have it to waste.

Of course, the same can be said for the B16, as you can get into a DOHC version of that for relatively little money.

posted by  ChrisV

Do you mean just buy it used/already put together?

Also, a friend had recommended getting a stroker kit if I wanted a mad power boost....is this correct? Can this be installed along side a turbo kit?

posted by  microsplit

if youre going to uses the ls motor, think about puting either a b16 head or a gsr head on it... LS Vtec is a great motor, you just have to be carefull to watch your revs... ive seen some blown ones in my day (someone missed a gear for the 3rd time on that motor and it went poof. apart from that though, LS vtec is one of my favoriteswaps... or, another one is H23 with H22 vtec head (very powerfull) it will just take some work to get it to fit

posted by  mazda6man

Wow, I've gathered so much information from so many people in the past 8 hours lol.

It looks like this is what I want, please correct if I'm wrong:

I need a complete B18c (VTEC) engine swap, and the turbo kit.

My last questions being:

Are the turbo kits relatively easy to install? I'm guessing a Hanes Manual won't help too much in this area :laughing:

And lastly: I have the stock 1.5l (manual) engine in it now.....how much of a performance boost is the B18c swap going to be?

posted by  microsplit

Another update on the plethora of information I'm receiving :laughing:

I was told that "If your going to install a blower (turbo), make sure to install Darton Sleeves so the engine can take it, the B18c engine will not tolerate much boost, so make sure to get these installed."

Ok, the checklist so far is as follows for this modification:

- Complete B18c (VTEC) Engine Swap
- Turbo Kit
- Darton Sleeves

Anything else I should add/replace in this list? I'll just keep a list for the forum, and we'll add/change it. This will be much more easy to track for myself and others, hehe.

posted by  microsplit

one thing though... with your budget, i dont think what you want to do will fit it... i dont know prices exactly, but i think it would be over 3

posted by  mazda6man

Are all these engines all Honda made? Anyone have some specs for them? One of my friends was thinking about an engine swap in a Mitsubishi Eclipse, where could he find an engine?

posted by  abless

Hmmm i was thinking this may be a good engine to try wut do u guys think http://www.nissan-th.com/www_eng/neo/spec.asp i dunno seems pretty sick to me :thumbs:

posted by  JETTA b18c -max

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