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Im a rx-7 fanatic. i have recently bought a new rx7 that i have mentioned in a previous thread. Now i have found out there was a limited edition rx7 (new that part already) and only 175 were made(is this correct?) called RX-7 Type RZ. Being a fanatic i want to get my hands on one. Does anyone have any information on how i can get one ( i live in australia) and what sort of price am i looking at thanks alot.

posted by  McMuzza

would u mind if u haf to import the car from overseas to aussie?? If u dun mind, i can help u ask ard over at my side. no harm asking for u if u are interested eh. let me noe abt yr decision.

posted by  Harrysan

i live in aus to mate, good luck but i can't see you getting your hands on one, it is an extrememly rare car, it is hard enough just trying to find a normal rx7 in decent condition, save yourself alot of dosh and just buy a normal one and turn it into your own car that means there will only be one of them on the streets, i know this sounds weird but if you really want to hunt one try looking around in adelaide, i made a trip over there about 6 months ago and the guys over there tend to have all kinds of unique crap, try a place could motor city imports, good place to start, if any one can find you one these guys will

posted by  DRFT-R

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