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Im currently in the process of getting a 1989 nissan 240sx red 5spd with a 90 240 parts car (auto tranny and siezed engine). the 89 240 is in good condition with a new ecu cuz it was in a flood so the ecu and the interior are crap and the paint needs work but they put a new ecu in and the parts car has a new interior and if runs and drives good.

is it worth 1,500$ or not?

posted by  wordsux

flood damage, id say no. sounds to me like its not in good condition. you say crappy interior and messed up paint. hows the '90 240? cuz if the bodys straight and the engine runs well on the flood 240, then i suppose it wouldnt be to bad of a deal. but then again i dont know how much 240s tend to go for. is the ecu on the auto still good? cuz i dont believe you have to have a MT ecu, the AT ecu will work for a MT car. see how much a motor and tranny costs and if its less, then buy that and put it into your 90

posted by  mazda6man

You can find cheaper and better 240's on autotrader that still run, flood damage is not good, water and engines dont match.

posted by  drag240sx

This Thread Is Old!!!!!!! And Hes Not Even Here Anymore!!!

posted by  mazda6man

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