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since working at the toyota dealsher (about a week) ive already become in love with a new car.
http://www.toyota.com/images/vehicles/2007/camry/gallery/exterior/photo_4.j pg
http://www.toyota.com/images/vehicles/2007/camry/gallery/exterior/photo_7.j pg
what do youguys think of the new camry? its definatly not your moms grocery getter anymore.

with about 256hp and 268lbs of torque. (roughly) its not slow.

posted by  mazda6man

It's pretty good, the styling's good, it puts down some decent figures, good fuel economy, not too expensive...But it doesn't come as a coupe lol.

posted by  chris_knows

It looks like ass, I hate it. They should have kept the super average looking Camry, that one got the job done.

posted by  Mathew


really though it looks like its melting
performance is great though, like most 2004-5-plus cars

posted by  nighthawk

It's pretty much the ugliest Toyota I've ever seen. At least Toyota's being consistant, they now have 3 brands with at least 2 or 3 hideous looking cars.

posted by  jedimario

Looks like any other Nip car to me and will no doubt look tired after about 5 years... just like Lexus always looks like a poor man's Merc.

posted by  Wally

I went to the dealership and honestly the 05's are so much better than the 06s and 07s. The looks and mileage of the 07 just suck compared to the older ones.

posted by  GR4VD1GRB1LL

huh. i expected it to go over better... ohwell, i like it. its rated waaayyyy better than the accord and altima. what would you guys rather have of the three?

posted by  mazda6man

2 door Accord V-6

posted by  jedimario

the new altima is no slouch though, even the one with the smaller motor, my mom has it, its a good car overall and pics up good, outa the 3 though, id go with the camry

posted by  dsmracersv98

I like the new Camry's styling, it reminds me of the 300C. But for around the same price range, I'd honestly rather drive a Mazda 6 (Mazdaspeed 6 is too much $).

posted by  elchango36

i actually like it, looks good too

posted by  True_Brit

How about Mark X eh?? I think camry is too much of a wuss eh. I like the Big X in the front. Do u guys haf Mark X over at yr side of the town? Performance wise is same as Lexus 250, similar body and also it cost jus slightly abit more than Camry but Much cheaper than Lexus 250 eh.

Our dealers in Singapore do not carry them but we have importers to importing them over. Mark X is slowly getting recognition at my place nowadays.

Well, tat's my two cent point of view. Sorry if I pisses the camry lovers here eh.

posted by  Harrysan

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