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i cant seem to find ross forge low comp pistons for a 240sx . i was hoping for 8 in fact a 8.5 will do. does anyone know where to find them.

posted by  Flaming_Tires

did u try ebay? they might have them

posted by  dsmracersv98

nopi.com maybe? they got pretty good deals, and sometimes have stuff like that

posted by  mazda6man

go to enjukuracing.com they are a racing company thats deals with nothing but 240's nice website.

posted by  drag240sx

I really wouldnt trust eBay with internal engine components

posted by  newyorker

Depends who you buy from, they got power sellers that sell THOUSANDS of things with a high review

posted by  99integra

While that is true, you never really know. I would go to


They sent me new control arms for my civic (stock but Honda brand) brand new in the box, for a bit over 100 a piece, and I got them within the first week. They also have performance parts, so look around

posted by  newyorker

Wiseco makes some amazing stuff.

posted by  PontiacFan27

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