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Hey guys, this is my first post here. Great site!

Anyways, as I read in a thread earlier pertaining to a debate between the 350Z and the S2000, I have also been debating over these two cars and several others. I test drove a 350Z yesterday and was sadly not as impressed as I thought I would have been. Very compact... The suspension was very "hugging" but was extremely hard. I currenlty drive a 7th Gen. Celica, so perhaps I am just comparing the two differently built cars without realizing it. The Celica suspension feels very nice, but is not near as tight as the Z. Is this to be expected from most higher performance cars? I have been looking around at several cars, and have been saving my money wisely for a long time to drop down on a car. I love my Celica, but as I learn more about cars, and what I like and what I dont like, I have realized that FWD just isn't my thing. I have looked at RX-7 TTs, RX-8s, 300ZX TTs, 3000GT VR4s, Mk. IV Supra Turbos (automatics, manuals are out of my price range), N/A Supras, S14 240SXs, Subaru Imprezas, GTOs, E36 M3 BMWs and various Audis, but I have turned them all down for several disliking reasons. I still have a semi-open mind about the 350Z, but I'm not sure that I would want one as a full replacement for my Celica. I like the hatch space the Celica has to offer and it can carry a very fairly good size load in the back, which can suprisingly come in handy. However, I have realized that space is one of the major things that is sacrificed in performance cars, and I am willing to make that sacrifice in order to decide on a car I am happy with. I am interested in drag racing and auto cross, so I'm trying to keep that in mind as well when picking out a car. I know I may seem picky, but I truely do want to make the right decision on a car this time around; something I will be happy with for years to come. If anybody has any ideas, oppinions, or suggestions, I would be truely greatful.

As of now, the 3 cars I have on my mind are used (in the 03' year range) 350Zs, S2000s, and Lancer Evolutions. Obviously, I am trying to stay mainly within the Japanese auto market. Also, questions regarding why I have chosen against so mainy fabulous wonderful cars are most welcome. I need advice from people like you guys!

Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!

posted by  cassidy

Test drive the S2000...it's amazing...

posted by  Newspeak

i would definitly go withthe evo....but thats just me...i dont care for cars that i can barely fit in. the evo is roomy and fast

posted by  Tooyoung225

Thanks for the advice guys. The s2000 is next on my list of cars to drive. And yes, I agree about the size of the Evo - With it having 4 doors, it does make it much more of a spacious vehicle.

posted by  cassidy

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