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I've narrowed down my choices for my first car down to two:

Acura Integra (1986-1989)
Honda Accord (1986-1989)

Those are the cheapest cars I found that were worth the money, and they both look very similar, so which one do you guys think I should buy? And how different are the two cars (in terms of reliability, repair prices, gas economy, etc.)?

posted by  magus57

They're the same damn car basically..

posted by  99integra

Well.... NO. The Integra is much closer in dimensions to the Civic. As a matter of fact, it shares a platform and many parts with the Civic. Hmmmm. :doh:

posted by  vwhobo

True, since the Accord was based off of the Legend or vice versa, then the Accord would be the better of standards right? ::starts thinking out loud and babbles on::, I did seem to have made a little mistake.

posted by  99integra

What you did seem to forget was the cardinal rule of forum posting. Shall I repeat it?

posted by  vwhobo

Nono while I was thinking out loud to myself I was repeating it trust me :wink2:

posted by  99integra

Although an '86 - '89 Integra is basically a saloon car (depending on how many doors it has...), it appears more sporty than the Accord. Other than that, although fuel consumption will more tha likely be slightly higher on the Accord, due to a the probablity of it having a larger engine (hard to tell as you haven't told us *hint hint*) the cars are pretty much identical as far as reliability and repairs go. Also, why an Acura Integra? were none badged Honda's over there in that year? just curious....:thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

What is your price range, exactly?

posted by  PontiacFan27

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