HI every one, My GT-R looks like it is going to be sold in the next week which is nice, and looks like i will get my money back for what i paid for it minus the money i spent on mods, oh well. For my next car i wanted to stay on the imports what i was thinking about doing is buying an EVO 4 or 5, i love the 4wd and the power or the other option is to buy a nissan pulsar GTi-R and working the crap out of it, the pulsar is something a bit different and the evo would be fun, either way i know that this time i am going to probably a S13 as a daily driver which will be left totally stock, learnt my lesson with so many little stone chips, trolley scratches and bumps on the skyline. I thought about buying a WRX but there are just to many of them on the road for my liking, if any one has any more ideas let me know, i want something unique, with great handling because i love the hills and also something mid sizes or smaller, i have big man sydrome. any ideas would be appreciated no matter how stupid they are, think of this thread as one big brain storm

posted by  DRFT-R

Why did you sell your Skyline again?

posted by  What

The EVO is nice but considering how poor in quality their other cars are like I would stay away from any EVO. Though I've heard the EVO's have much higher build quality.

I wouldn't put down the WRX so fast. Stock they're pretty good and handle just as well as the EVO . I know there's a huge aftermarket out there for these cars so mods won't be hard to find.

What made you drop the skyline? :screwy:

posted by  DukenukemX

I sold the skyline because my insurance company decided not to insure me any more and it was way to expensive to insure to start with, secondly the petrol on it was destroying me and petrol is not likely to get any cheaper, thirdly if i do any more mods on it, it will lose it's daily driver status and will need to be garaged and only pulled out for special occations, I don't want to stop modding it, My favourite part of owning a car is working on it so i think the time is right for me to sell it, why the market is good and buy something smaller, I love small cars i my first car was a Suzuki swift GTi and you can do things in a car like that, that you can only dream about doing in a skyline, then i bought a rear wheel drive 300zx liked it but hated working on it then the skyline came around and my small car fantasies were lost, but now i want to go back to what i love

posted by  DRFT-R

i don't want a REX because were i live everyone has one and that just shit's me, i want something different

posted by  DRFT-R

My importer is having a 22b 2 door subaru WRX coming in about 3 weeks, i think that is what i am going to get, i know i said that i don't want a WRX but that is a bit different, i don't think i could turn Down a 22B

posted by  DRFT-R

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