Where can i get a R34 skyline conversion kit for my 98 prelude?

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Where can i get a R34 skyline conversion kit for my 1998 honda prelude?, i would like to replicate the 2f2f skyline ,I already have the right hand drive conversion done,and have a twin turbo charged skyline motor ready for drop and have sourced out where to get the correct parts(interior,body kit,rims,wing,exhaust etc.), so i need the front end and rear end R34 skyline conversion kit ,does anyone know what company(s) makes this kit? i have looked around and see tons of conversion but cant find squat,(the reason i pick the (97-99) prelude is because it is the only car that has the most identical body i have seen next 2 a skyline,( I have seen both side by side and the body and rooflines are almost identical), the reason i didnt go with an actual skyline is becuz id rather not bother and wait huge amounts of time to get one shipped here and the cost of a 1999 skyline alone is more then i was willing to spend on the base of this project, i do not need critisizm on this project, so if u have nothing nice 2 say then dont say it ,any input on where i can get a R34 conversion kti would be great-Jayceon

posted by  NEEDR34CONVERS

1. how the hell are you going to shoe horn a RB engine into a prelude
2. The prelude looks nothing like a skyline at all, were i come from we have many of both of them and trust me they are not even close to looking the same, that would probably be the reason why there is no conversion kit,
3. don't be a soft cock and buy a real skyline, I can have my R33 GTR on a boat from australia for you on monday if you like all it will cost you is $50000, which trust me is not that much, then yo can pay all the tax's and shipping.
4.i know you said no critism but come on, little honda sports cars will never even remotely look like a skyline, it will just look pathetic

posted by  DRFT-R

I know you didn't want critisism, but you're gonna get it I'm afraid, lol. Infact, constructive critisism is quite good to receive, as you'll make yourself look like an idiot if ya dont listen to it....:banghead:

I'll move this to the correct place for you, too! :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

:roll: That's a custom job. No one has motor mounts or anything to help you convert your FWD Prelude into a RWD one. Unless you plan to drop it in the wrong way in which case I doubt it would even fit. Why not stick with Honda and try and swap an F22C from the S2000. I've seen it done on a 5th gen Civic (and it cost over $15000 to do it). Better yet since you already have an RB26 laying around, sell your Prelude, buy a 240SX, and then do the swap. Not only will it be easier, it'll be cheaper and still somewhat unique seeing as how the swap of choice for the 240SX is the SR20. Oh, and the 240SX is more Skyline than the Prelude will ever be. :2cents:

posted by  elchango36

i just think you need to do some serious thinking about this an think what is realistic, RB26 Will never be able to go in a prelude unless you have about $200000, they are just totally different cars

posted by  DRFT-R

I've seen alot of different engines in a lot of different cars (RWD LS1 in a Ford Probe, anyone? RWD 2JZ in a first gen Probe? LS1 in countless RX-7s?) Trust me, it can be done realistically with know-how, time, and equipment.

posted by  PontiacFan27

like you say, alot of money and lots of spare time

posted by  True_Brit

well if you can do it i would love to see it

posted by  DRFT-R

if he wants to do it let him do it, im always for the unrealistic, if you can find a way to do something then why not, even if he is wasting all his time and money lol

posted by  dsmracersv98

i am just tring to work out how it is going to look anything like the the GT-R from 2f2f

posted by  DRFT-R

id like to see pics of it when/if you start and end it :laughing:

posted by  pocko5000

you know it would be cheaper just to buy an r34 right

posted by  shad0w

I havent been able to find anything really for one of those, but I have found:



For a 240SX

posted by  car_crazy89

So? I've seen Chevy V8s into Hondas, done on a shoestring. I've seen Ford V8s put into Miatas for under 2 grand. I put a Ford V8 in my RX7 for less than a grand and about a week of time, with no kit. I've seen FWD cars converted to RWD using front engines (like the V8 Ford Focus and Cavaliers) or with a mid engine (like the Shogun Festiva or the mid engine Integra posted elswhere). iv'e seen them done for very little money.

It takes SKILL and determination, but not necessarily a lot of money.

As for the Prelude not looking like a Skyline, he's talking about the long nose, short deck, and the basic roofline and rear quarter window. The first pic I've attached shows a side by side comparison of the rooflines. They are VERY similar (the Skyline has a more forward angled B pillar, but the basic outline of the side window graphic is just about identical). The second pic is a quick and dirty PS of the R34 nose and tail on the Prelude. And, I'm sorry to say, the styles do fit.

Now, as to there being a KIT for it, no way. This woudl be COMPLETELY custom fabricated. If *I* were to do it, I'd use Skyline styling cues (like the flares, taillights, and a similarly agressive, but unique nose) and call it a unique custom, rather than a Skyline clone.

posted by  ChrisV

looking at it that way, it looks like it can work, they do look very similar in fact, good luck if you take it through!!!

posted by  True_Brit

yeah but those photos are a little bit disceaving in the scale, the R34 i a much bigger car, and sure if you want to copy the kit and refrabricate it on a srunckin scale maybe, but that would cost, and also there is the little matter of converting it to rear will drive and shoe horning an RB26 into it, the RB26 is an engine that is prone to over heating, that is why if you look in an engine bay of a skykine you will notice plenty of room to breathe just one thing to consider, but there are a million more before he would ever find that out, and seriously even if he does all the work himself it will cost more then a skyline would be to import, i know what i would prefer

posted by  DRFT-R

I agree that the engine and drive train might take some working out, but as for the dimensions, it is only a replica, and just because the Honda is smaller isn't the end of the world, it'll just be like one of those MR-2 - F355 conversions, in other words where it's obviously a conversion, to the un-knowing eye it might look realistic!

Looking at those pics though, I'm suprised at just how similar the cars are!

posted by  Cliffy

No doubt, which is why I said it would be completely custom fabricated. But damn, people do it with cheap kit cars ALL THE TIME. Fiberglass is cheap to work with. And since you have to fab it from scratch anyhow, making it to scale is easy. We aren't talking simply cutting off a real Skyline front clip and welding it on. We're simply talking about making fiberglass hood/fenders/nosecone/airdam that looks similar to a Skyline but to the scale of a Prelude. A little foam carved to shape, lay fiberglass over it, finish like normal bodywork, and it's done. Yeah, it'd cost a few thousand dollars, but VASTLY less than importing a Skyline and getting it certified.

That's actually the EASIEST part of the process. Were I to do it, I'd use readily available RWD components, such as from a 2nd gen RX7: full IRS, disc brakes, 5 lug pattern, and available for about $100. In fact, one could get a complete wrecked, non running 2nd gen RX7 for about $100 and use the entire suspension. All you have to weld in is some reinforcing plates where the mounts are. Then run a couple 2x2" square tubes to tie front to back, cut the trans/shifter tunnel out, fab up a sheet steel center tunnel with a couple reinforcments (about $100 in metal), a couple motor/trans mounts in steel (again, less than $50 in metal) and you're good to go.

Besides the RX7, you could use Supra parts, or even older 300 ZX parts. I know a guy who used older Supra front and rear suspension under his '60s Mustang, and built the entire CAR for under 2 grand, including the cost of the car. A little fab time in the garage is all it takes.

Check this car out: http://www.suprang.com/ Look at the fabrication of the front and rear suspension, how complete floor plans were cut and welded, and an entire car built for under $2000.

You could do this: http://www.suprang.com/suprang3.html with a FWD car pretty easily, too. Well, maybe YOU couldn't, but I could.

You REALLY don't know much about fabriacting cars, do you? I've already given evidence of cars that have been fabbed up for cheap. Now, if he has to have someone else do it, the cost could well be astronomical, but it could be done.

posted by  ChrisV

Exactly. Or cars like this:



A Miata with a BMW Z3 body kit. Those aren't real Z3 fenders or hood, but they are fiberglass, scaled to the Miata. What the OP is talking about is very similar.

posted by  ChrisV

That looks more realistic than the MR-2 conversion, the rear light clusters look a bit out of place, but everything else looks good. I'm assuming the top picture's the same conversion? the gap in the whel arches is the only give away.....apart from maybe the overal shap of the bodywork (reminiscent of the MX-5!)

posted by  Cliffy

Yeah, both of those pocs are of the same car.

The differences between the Miata and Z3, visually and proportionally, are about like the Prelude and Skyline.



And the difference in price between the two is LESS than between the Prelude and Skyline, so it gives a practical pricing precedent for the conversion.

posted by  ChrisV

Something tells me he doesn't have the fabrication skills that you or your friends do ChrisV. I doubt that if you included outside labor in the price for some of those cars, they would still be under 2 grand.

posted by  elchango36

But neither would they approach anything CLOSE to $50k.

The point is, DRFT-R said even if he did the work himself it would cost more than importing a Skyline, and that's patently bullshit. He also said originally that they don't look anything alike, and it's very apparent that the rooflines are quite similar, and the Prelude could easily be made to look similar to a Skyline. he sasid that it WOULD take too much money to convert the Prelude to RWD. I've provided examples that say it's not necessarily true.

So, as is usual, I'm combatting assertations of fact, not mere opinion.

We don't know if he could do it himself or not. he might have to pay a shop to do anythig to his car. he might have budies that woud assist in the work for pizza and beer. He might feel like diving in and learning as he goes. God knows enough people have succeeded doing that, too. he may never actually do anything LIKE it. But the statement that it can't be done is the automatic response from people who simply don't know very much. And whether or not the OP CAN do it himself, those particular assertations need to be rebuked.

posted by  ChrisV

I think DRFT-R is an Australian resident so the cost of importing may not be same, especially if he sourced from New Zealand. There's a fair few of them here and plenty of half cuts.

posted by  Wally

True, though his $50k figure is pretty accurate for one imported and certified here (though Motorex, the main importer, has been heavily sanctioned/fined by the feds).

In Aus and NZ, there would definitely not be a need for making a clone. Here, there are a ton of Preludes and a handful of Skylines.

posted by  ChrisV



posted by  Wally

Yeah, definitely no need to make a clone if that's available. Here that same car would end up costing double that by the time it hit the roads, if it could do so legally at all.

posted by  ChrisV

originally i thought he was talking about an earlier model prelude after seeing those photo shop pics i agree they do have some what similar lines, but i am still not convinced he is talking about the new model prelude, I also seriously doubt he has the skills to do a job like these, those sort of skills take ytears to learn and not the sort of skills you can learn by reading a book and if you think it is you are seriously mocking professional fabricators, i also feel sorry for americans not being able to realistically get japans finest car. look if he wants to do it go for it, never want to stomp on someones enthusiam, but for me it just seems all a bit fake to build somthing like that, but i guess that is the show scene for you, i personally prefer go then show, but that is up to the individual, if he loves skylines why not buy something with a similar set up, 4wd big car, twin turbo, but i guess i don't realise how desperate for anything even close to a skyline americans are, i will not deny it Fabrication is not my strong point but i do know somewhat i am talking about, and with the price tag of the cars i tend tro own i prefer to let the professoional jap shops work on it, why should i stuff it when i have professional to do that for me

posted by  DRFT-R

I had a shop doing custom fabrication, buildnig street rods and customs for those that didn't have the fabrication skills. But, I've seen kids in their dad's carport build absolutely INSANE cars with incredible talent. I know grassroots guys that can fabricate amazing things in their garage. I've done stuff for cheap that people like you say would take tens of thousands of dollars to do.

Whether the OP has the fabrication skills or not, I'm telling you that immideately saying it WILL cost tens of thousands of dollars to do EVEN if he can do it himself, is false. Period. and no, it's not an insult to professinal fabricators. It's in fact a credit to them. They are human and anything they can learn, anyone else can learn.

Did you follow the links to the Supra suspended Mustang? Did you see them cut and weld the entire Supra rear suspension supports into the Mustang? That car works well, is safe, and used the SAME fabrication skills this guy needs to get his project done. And it was done for dirt cheap.

As for more show than go, that's a subject for a separate thread. With an RB turbo engine, I'll bet the lighter Prelude, with rear drive only, will be quicker than an actual Skyline. That's plenty of GO. When I built my Ferrari Daytona replica, it was quicker than an original one at least to 100 mph, which is sufficient for a car that isn't supposed to be a race car. And of course, street rods, lowriders, etc, are about looking good, not racing. But I daresay THEY are valid forms of automotive expression.

Even though I doubt the original poster will ever come back, it's still an interesting concept to discuss, and maybe some people will learn from it.

posted by  ChrisV

I wouldn't see much wrong with a project like this. I remebered seeing an R34 looking Integra which was called a Skytegra albeit it had iIntegra running parts. However would the RB engine be able to fit longitudinally into a Prelude's engine bay? Afterall it is a pretty long engine.

posted by  fudge

All you'd have to do is cut the firewall a bit and put a new box in there. I've done it on a couple cars. Hell, a girl I know did something similar when putting a BMW V12 in a Datsun 240Z when building it into a 250 GTO replica...






Yes, she built the car. Welding, mechanical, painting.

posted by  ChrisV

why would any one with any fabrication skills or any car knowledge ask for a R34 conversion kit for a prelude, i ask you that, this guy could not do an oil change by himself, you guys are seriously underestimating the size of this engine as well, sure if you really really wanted to do it it's possible but, this engine is so big and has so many things hanging of it that take up so much room Dropping an RB or not like dropping some old Hemi engine

posted by  DRFT-R

It's not as big as that BMW V12...

Maybe some of us have more imagination AND experience than you. Ever consider that? Again, I doub't he'll ever come back and respond to this thread. So it's moved on to a discussion session on what it might take.

posted by  ChrisV

We've been over something like this before.. when I first started I had asked about a V8 into a Civic. I like these discussions, as they are not only entertaining, but knowledgeable (sp?).

posted by  car_crazy89

i have immigination, i have been part of many conversions and engin swaps, my 300ZX we blow the engine and had enough of it so we put an rb26bett in it, i have seen a 20b rotar go in an AE86, we have converted a 92 180SX, we put an RB in it then converted the front to an s15 front, we took a convertible silvia put a 180sx front on it and dropped a sr20det in it, i have immagination but i also have realism

posted by  DRFT-R

No, you don't. You have no clue about how to do things for very little money, you have no clue about what people are capable of in their carports and garages. You've barely nicked the surface of what's out there in the automotive realm, and have nothing but hatred and contempt for any car outside a narrow range of what you find "acceptable." You really don't know what hot rodders have been doing for decades, not just in your own area, but here in the states.

My buddy built this mid engine, RWD Civic using an Acura Legend drivetrain, home meade suspension arms, and a lot of hours in his garage:


You think my V8 RX7 was designed to have 400 lb ft of torque in it?

Here's another one:


Austin healy Sprite with a 478 cid Chrysler hemi.

Here's a link to the Durocco, twin engine Scirocco. Built in a garage for around $1800 total including cost of the car... http://www.durocco.com

How about this CRX?

http://evilallianceracing.com/ipw-web/gallery/albums/album12/DSCN0399_001.s ized.jpg

Built for under $2000 total, including cost of the car. Notice the large Chevy V8 and RWD conversion? You think a Chevy V8 mounted longitudinally in a CRX is that much different in concept from an RB longitudinally mounted in a much larger Prelude?

Ok, here's a V8 in a Cavalier. Looks deceptively stock:



The Cavalier is a small FWD compact from the '80s. This guy built it into a RWD V8 car in his garage, himself. ALL of them are projects you or I could do for very little money. You want to be realistic? THESE took imagination to come up with, and the ability to ignore people like you who think it's "realistic" to say it's going to cost fifty grand to do. It's simply NOT. THAT'S what's real, not your "theory."

posted by  ChrisV

All of those cars are amazing, I remember you posting that Civic here before (I think, lol), it just goes to show that anything is possible with a car!

posted by  Cliffy

And it doesn't require barrels of money, either. Just some imagination and a willingness to actually do it, rather than slag it off.

posted by  ChrisV

fine i have no imagination at all i will wait and see pics of this prelude skyline, why only question is why do people do this shit, i just seems like a waste of time to me, i would also love to see how many people have had grand plans and just anded up destroying a perfectly good car, i see your point yes it can probably be done and on the cheap but car companies spend so much time matching a car with an appropriate sized engine that suits the car why not just work of the base and see what you can do with it, (thats more of a question then a statement), there is just not as much of that kind of stuff in my scene your right

posted by  DRFT-R

People do it due to their passion for cars, they might not want to go and buy a car, they might also have a sense of pride when they produce something like this! Dont get me wrong, there's a fair share of idiots out there that do destroy their cars!

posted by  Cliffy

Sonds like you think only humans working at car companies can build cars.

I'm putting a Lexus 4.0 DOHC V8 in my 1963 Mercury Comet, using a custom adapter to put a Supra manual transmission behind it. It'll have a custom frame, air ride suspension, and the like. Taking it from this:


to this:


I took this:


Painted it, put in this:


to create this:


1.2 Gs laterally, low 12s in the quarter, and done for less than 4 grand total including original cost of the car. But it's "stupid" to you because it's not factory matched parts, and done for big dollars? You can't figure out the joy and passion of building something yourself and making it work?

I see. If it's not high dollar bolt-ons for a high dollar factory car, you can't figure out why people might actually enjoy it. More proof you really don't know much. I've posted NUMEROUS example of cars people have built for not much money, that work good, and are fun, enjoyable hobby projects. IT'S A F*CKING HOBBY! It's supposed to be fun, and that does NOT mean you HAVE to spend cubic boatloads of dollars, OR do things the way everyone else does. Some of us actually enjoy the hobby by doing things that aren't bolt-ons. The sense of accomplishment in seeing the finished project, and it's simply the joy of doing it, even if it never gets finished.

Yes, some people HAVE failed. They HAVE destroyed machines they bought by not really knowing what they are doing. But using that as a reason to denigrate all of these project cars is like saying driving is stupid for everyone because some people have died doing it wrong. Are you going to stop driving becaus some people who drive are idiots? I don't think so. Are you even going to say driving is bad because some people can't do it worth a crap? I think not. So why maintain that attitude about project cars like this? It's closed minded and ignorant, and that doesn't seem like it's a valuable goal.

posted by  ChrisV

Sorry, but I *had* to do this. This is NOT advertising, but posting a link to 11 pages of thread and a HUGE number of pictures is more effective than copy/pasting it all here.


This is a current project, being done by a 20 year old kid, who paid good money for the car and parts, but is an amateur at doing this. In fact, it's his first time fabricating. And it's STILL getting done. He's hoping to have less than $10k into it. *I* would have found teh same Prelude in non-running shape for a third of his price, to do the project from, saving about 3 grand right there. I also wouldnt' have paid $1500 foa bent RX7 rear end off Ebay, when i can get one I know is good from any number of sources for about $200 or less. or even a complete 2nd gen RX7 with suspension in non running form for less than $500. that woudl simplify the process as I'd use a section of the rear cut out to do it.

But, again, this shows that with imagination and determination, even a rank amateur can do a project like this and not break the bank. The original poster already has the car and the engine (supposedly) which would help things considerably (though, considering he still hasn't returned, I'm thinking that it's possible that he's full of it).

posted by  ChrisV

You know you are right Chris, the only problem is that you need to have the talent to go along with the ambition. There are many people that have the drive but lack the other, I am just amazed at what you can do with car. I wish I could do the same, but that isn't my talent. Props:thumbs:

That is another advantage that you have that others might not. Thruigh years of experience I would assume.

posted by  Voda48

For most bits in a car, fab skills can be learned relatively quickly. I mean, look at the work on the Prelude in the thread I linked to. Ambition and newly learned skill in a 20 year old kid attacking his first project. And it's working.

The point is, automatically discouraging the conceptualizing and desire due to thinking it can ONLY cost a lot of money is just silly. That isn't being a realist, only a naysayer.

posted by  ChrisV

All it takes is asking the right questions of people with the experience, and hanging out with people who have been doing this kind of stuff for years. they are all around. Go to a drag strip and talk to the low buck guys, or go to a street rod show and look for the low dollar hotrodders that actually do their own work. Spend time reading about projects like this on web sites like Grassroots Motorsports (considering they have an annual challenge to build a car for under the dollar figure corresponding to the year: this year it's $2006). Sources and knowledge are all around, and easy to tap into. Easier than when I was building my cars prior to the Internet...

posted by  ChrisV

I would LOVE to start on a V8 build on my truck, but no one will support me because they say I should drive it how it is, buuut it can't get out of its own way half the time, and its killin my gas mileage because of how I have to floor it everytime I am at a stop light to keep up with the traffic. Be better off getting atleast 18mpg with a 5.0 and diff. gears. But I suppose they're right, kinda young, but one day I plan on doing a swap of my own. Hell I live right next to a Lestors auto salvage.

posted by  99integra

I would suggest not doing a major project like that to your only car/daily driver. that's only asking for trouble.

posted by  ChrisV

I got couple months till I can drive alone, I don't want to do anything to my Cavalier because it doesn't tickle my fancy and I'm havin a junker come pick it up.

posted by  99integra

are you talking about the ranger? what year is it? my brother had a 94, with a v6 in it, it was pretty quick, it kept up just fine and got better mileage than that

posted by  dsmracersv98

I have a 93 with the 2.3 liter, it gets (currently) 20-22 city and 25-26 highway.

posted by  99integra

Why would you?...you talking about the front or rear kit?

posted by  newyorker

Did you read any of the posts so far?

The OP said: "so i need the front end and rear end R34 skyline conversion kit"

That answers your second question. And the entire rest of the discussion answered your first question, though again, the OP answered that, too: "the reason i didnt go with an actual skyline is becuz id rather not bother and wait huge amounts of time to get one shipped here and the cost of a 1999 skyline alone is more then i was willing to spend on the base of this project."

posted by  ChrisV

look you guys are willing to do that go for it, something to consider, is were i come frm care parts cost about3 to4 times more then were you are so when we pay the cash we don't want **** ups, so we stick to the known generally, it is achievable but i still refuse to admit these rides are achievable to ceate by your average car enthusiaist, not because of money but because of know how, of cause there are always the exception to the rules but generally NO

posted by  DRFT-R

Then you need to hang around with hot rodders in your area, not ricers. the know how is there, as much Down Under as it is here.

And, you "refuse to admit" these rides are achievable by your average car enthusiast? ALL the ones I've posted have been by AVERAGE car enthusaists in their garages, INCLUDING the LS1 powered Prelude I linked to (a 20 year old kid doing his first fabrication project!). Are you TRYING to prove that you can be the most closed minded individual on the boards? I mean, I post facts and you REFUSE to believe any of it? That's just RETARDED.

Grow up and LEARN something, for Christ's sake. :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

posted by  ChrisV

ChrisV You are a legend. Can I come be your apprentice next summer? I want to learn... Teach me!:)

posted by  Pythias

guess what is it achievable for most runners to go to the olympics and be a 100 metre sprinter, NO

Is it possible for for most car enthusiasts to do a total fabrication, NO not really

but there are always the except to the rules, what you have done is pointed out a few exceptions
thats all

posted by  DRFT-R

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