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My Accord recently hit 3k miles. (Yeah I know, that's a lot for only having it 2 months today)

My Mom told me when she first got her Accord they told her she didnt need an oil change until 10k miles. Then after that it's ever 3k.

BUT.. I dont want to **** anything up on my Accord. It runs fine and everything. Should I get it changed? Or is it ok to wait?

One more thing! They also said when the thing reads 15%, get the oil changed. Mine is at 3k miles with 50%. Even with it only being at 50% should I wait for it to run down to 15% or change it now? If I should do it now, what's the point of waiting until 15%?

posted by  SyntheticTrust

what the heck do you mean 15%

posted by  mazda6man

She probably means the oil life monitor and just doesn't have the vocabulary to communicate it to us. Too busy taking bad pictures to get an education "and like all that stuff, ya know".

posted by  vwhobo

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