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I'm thinking about getting rid of my 88 corolla FX-16 hatchback in favor of a 95 mazda 626 (probably just wishful thinking, but the mazda's a good price). Just wondering what kind of asking price is semi-resonable if I were to attempt to sell the corolla. It has about 80k miles on it, with very little rust, but a few scratches here and there (just needs some touchup paint). I think the brakes or something needs adjusted in one of the wheels: runs hot at high (>50mph) speeds. Also, theres a slight leak in the brake system somewhere, but i can't locate it because the leak is so slow (i.e. ~1-2 fl oz in about a year). Its blue with all trim in tact. Its very clean (except for a little dust and a ton of papers on the floor and back seat - easily taken care of). I was just wondering if the kbb value (around 1300) is accurate, or since the car's so old, if thats a true reflection of what someone would pay. NADA says about 2k.

Thanks for any assistance.

posted by  unpolloloco

is it a gts? or a base fx16? cu you can probably sell it for around 3000 if its a gts... you just gatta find the right people... look for the enthusiest, theyres tons of them. and yeah, around 2000 if its not gts

posted by  mazda6man

It's not, he said so himself... It's an FX-16. I'd say $1500-$1800 if it's like he says.

posted by  elchango36

Thanks for your help. Yeah, its not a gts. But even then, it would mean that I could probably get the mazda for little to no monetary investment.

posted by  unpolloloco

they make fx16 gts.... but ok, not gts... then yeah, you can get upwards of around 2thou if its in good condition

posted by  mazda6man

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