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Ok, so I am going to ask a question in the Asian Import section, I know it doesnt happen that often. Long story short we got back our 1991 Laser RS Turbo and all is peachy keen, or is it? They, the shop, put in a new 16G this larger turbocharger spools up almost as quickly as the stock turbocharger, but allows much higher boost levels at high rpms, at least that is what I gather.

Now the dilemma is that on hott.er days, when the car hits about 14psi, is kind of stalls, or drops like it is dying, immediate decrease and jerks the car around. Brainstorming it kind of sound like the car is taking in too much air:fuel and that might be the problem, but I know nothing about these matters

What I was hoping for was an explanation of why this might be happening and perhaps a simple solution ( I know they never exist)

I was wondering if a boost controller might help? We are looking to possibly sell the car and really do not want to invest a large sum of money in this

posted by  Voda48

what is the cars temp. gauge saying

posted by  DRFT-R

Car temp is normal

posted by  Voda48

Sounds like your fuel cut is kicking in. Not uncommon for turbo Jap engines of that era to have a boost creep limit of 12-14 ish psig. Did it not have a boost control standard? How are you managing to get up to 14 psig with a stock actuator?

posted by  Wally

Like I said, not sure. I think the shop switched some parts, but I do not have the list in front of me, my father does.

posted by  Voda48

Sounds like fuel cut to me. Either that or the injectors/fuel pump cant handle the demands of the turbo, so its cutting it off all together. Its unlikely, because stock injectors and pump should be able to meet the demands of 14 psi easily, but its something to consider. If the car is fuel cutting the RPM should stay constant but not make any power, is the RPM dropping at all? Does it do this only at WOT or does it also do it at 3/4 throttle?

posted by  PontiacFan27

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