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anyone know where i can buy performance as well as other parts for my vehicle other than the largly commercialized ones like "R&S Strauss" and "PepBoys"?

posted by  jimbolion

got everything you need trust me

posted by  DRFT-R

? :screwy:

What kind of car do you have? (not you DRFT-R)

posted by  99integra

2000 honda civic ex coupe

i know, i heard it all ... i can go through every cotalog in the universe and find billions upon billions of accessories for it.

but what those 2 companies have in their inventory are pretty .... shitty. and the fact that everyone has them.

posted by  jimbolion +4294924666&SearchType=Make

posted by  99integra

Summit Racing for sure. I've been to the one in Ohio, and they have nothing but Honda parts on display. They have EVERYTHING you could want, including complete turbo kits and all.

posted by  PontiacFan27

heres another question.

adding shit to my car ... body kits, subwoofers and whatnot will add wieght to my car, causing my engine to work harder, (4 cilinder) will adding shit to the engine, such as cold air intake, help the car even a little ?

posted by  jimbolion

Lol, not likely, you won't really feel too much if any difference whatsoever.

posted by  99integra

on the toyota celica site, the intake showed a 9hp gain on the dyno on my model celica, so i got one for it, i doubt u will feel that much of a difference though on your honda, u might as well buy a cheap one off ebay, instead of spending nearly 200 dollars

posted by  dsmracersv98

ditto. Go to ebay and look for one they should have a large selection for you on intakes.

posted by  Spanky2324

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