second gear syncro shot... whats my best option

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It will be atleast 10 hours of labor to get it fixed which will come to about 1200 with parts. Should I just keep an eye out for a used transmition? This is my first 5 speed so I have no idea what my best option is. only second gear has an issue and I have actually been able to avoid second gear pretty well. It still shifts into second but if i am going over 10 mph it will grind. It will still catch though as long as im not going too fast. Eventually second gear will just burn out according to the mechanic which i believe because like I said i dont know anything about this. I h ave a 97 prelude which actually has a brand new transmition replaced only 10 thousand miles ago. Another reason im reluctant to trash it.

posted by  97prelude

I would try looking for a transmission in a junkyard.

posted by  PontiacFan27

But how do I know if that transmition is any good? Wont I not know until its installed. Instalation is a big job too so I dont want to spend all the money on one that isnt any good. What do I look for?

posted by  97prelude

You wont know, however most scrapyards give you a couple of weeks garentee on parts, they do here anyway. If you can find out the history of the car it's coming out of, even better, but there's gonna be a risk in buying from a scrappy anyway. I got a Gearbox for my uncles Vauxhall Cavalier from a Scrapyard a few years ago, it cost me £50, whereas a recon unit would have cost nearer £500!

posted by  Cliffy

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