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Hello everyone, ive been searching on the net all day and this seems like a forum with a lot of knowledgeable people so I though I would pose a question you probably have had a lot. My chevy cav wich has 160k on it needs a new transmission and I dont want to spend the loot on that car anymore so im off to the lots tomorrow to look for a new one. I dont have a lot of money so ive narrowed it down to an asian car for reliability and longevity reasons. Also, im looking at getting one of the smaller type cars such as Honda Civic, Hyundai Accent, Saturn Ion, etc. Im thinking I may want a new car as I am sick of used cars breaking down everyother month and id rather have a warranty cover it. So anyway im looking at aroud 14k or so and I cant pay more than 200 a month. So im afraid of getting a used car but would you rather buy a new model of the cars I just listed or an older used version in terms of perfomance and possible upgrades in the future. This question is probably very vague but if anyone has any thoughts off hand I appreciate it. Thanks-

posted by  eyesofsadness

to me that makes absolutely no sence, you will pay 14k for a new car, rather than a couple hundred on a new tranny

insurance is cheaper for old cars i believe... makes no sence to me

but yes you are being vague, you want an asian car for 14k or less... specify... what is it being used to, commuter? u want alot of performance?

i'd say look at some hondas, civic probably the most popular for commuter yet performance potential. mazda's are nice but not as reliable. hyandai's ok, im not their biggest fan but they got some good values. and toyota and nissan have good stuff, the new maxima's pretty powerful, and the camry is a good commuter.

it all depends on what your lookin for.

posted by  Stem

The new transmission will cost at least a thousand. The car is a chevy with 160k on it is is beat to shit. I thought rather than spend the money to repair it I should just put that into a new car with a waranty rather than continue makeing repairs on an old piece of junk untill it finally dies. So im looking at getting one of the new compact type of cars such as the ones I mentioned. 14k isint set in stone just a rough number. I was wondering if you were going to spend that much money anyway would you buy one of the 2006 modles or spend it on an older but perhaps better, in your eyes, used model.

posted by  eyesofsadness

a decent brand new car for $14k? i dont think it'll happen

look for some 03-05 asian models. honda is boasting the best mpg for all their cars atm, and they are extremely reliable. but you still havent specified what your looking for in a car...

posted by  Stem

I'm sure you could get a reasonably decent new car for that, maybe not a Honda Civic, but certainly a Hyundai Accentor similar. It all depends really, as a used car might be better for your needs!

posted by  Cliffy

Well, I ended up geting a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon base model for 15k. It has 30k on it but an extended waranty till 100k. Its a very fancy car compared to what im used to so I hope it lasts.

posted by  eyesofsadness

Glad you found a car. What standard kit does it have?

posted by  Cliffy

did u do some research on it?

posted by  Stem

If you're looking for asain cars, dont get the Saturn Ion. You're basically just getting another Cavalier(Cobalt)

posted by  PontiacFan27

If your heart is set on "new" and "asian" check their sites. I think you will find it will be a better idea to go with "used" and "asian." Check for models that are a couple years old. This will fit into your budget. You can find a very decent car for around 14k.

Hope this helped.

posted by  05BlackWRX

Erm...he no longer requires help...he found a car..:doh:

posted by  Cliffy

Well, if you're looking for reliability, I don't know why you're looking at hyundai. Whenever I am driving behind a hyundai I am always afraid it's gonna break into about 5 pieces in the middle of the road.

And saturn ion isn't asian :-\

The new cars available for 14k aren't that good, but if you drop down a couple years old, you could get a car that still has a warranty on it, and a nicer car.

I really think you should consider that. Your options will broaden so much.

You're gonna be paying 200/month plus insurance and maintenance...that's kind of a lot for your budget, so yeah

EDIT: Nvm you found one lol.

posted by  Bronxie

:banghead: lol:orglaugh:

posted by  05BlackWRX

Finally, the penny drops :laughing: :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

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