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hey guys. as some of you may know i have a 95 240 thats been giving me some troubles and its come to the point where my engine is pretty much shot.:banghead: it has alot of miles on it and im looking to replace the engine with another ka, because i dont really have the money for anything nicer than that..for now.

my question for you is...
i found a 92 s13 for 1k with 99Kmiles on it but the transmission went out. my car has a freshly rebuilt tranny pretty much. and i would like opinions on what would be easier/better, putting my tranny into the s13, or buying another low mile ka for less than a thousand and put into my s14.

posted by  turbokas14

depends what u want to do with the car. if u want to make a good street car go with putn trany in s13. but if u want a good drift car go with the s14

posted by  13b_turbz27

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