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Hi. Don't know where everyone's from so I'll just cover a few things first. I live in the US and here Toyota Corollas were rebadged as Geo Prizms from about 1990 until 2002 (I think). Alright now I can explain a little bit.

I've owned Prizms and Nissan Sentras before and have never had problems with either. That was years ago. Now I have a decision to make. I just bought a 1990 Prizm base model, auto, only 112,000 miles for $600. It already had a new radiator, and a transmission with a cooler installed about 3 years ago. I put in another $600 for a starter, timing belt, some gaskets and seals, new serp belts, and a few other things. This car passes emission like a new car with almost 0 reading and had only one owner and generally taken care of. It's the 5 door hatchback and has a cracked dash and drooping ceiling fabric but the body and paint are nice and shiny. I was going to keep this for myself. Then I was enlisted to find another good deal for my brother in law and a week later found the following:

1994 Sentra XE, 2 door, manual trans with 135,000 miles for just $800. Again
only one owner and generally taken care of. Had to replace the original
clutch and replace the crankshaft seal (I think) and dished out about $600
for that. It passes inspections as well with flying colors. It came with a
new alternator but nothing else has been replaced since brand new. The
interior on this is almost perfect and the outside has a bit of a dent but
other than that the body and paint are in excellent condition. It's a lot
sportier than the Prizm, it's got a spoiler and some nice aftermarket

Alright then, so if you guys owned both of these cars which are pretty equal
in their condition mechanically and somewhat cosmetically, which would you
keep? There are no recalls on either of them but I'm not aware of any
notorious problems with either, except for Nissan's alternators. I'm also
taking into consideration that this Prizm was perhaps one of the best
designed bulletproof motors Toyota ever made. What I wish I could do is
switch out the motors and then hands down I'd be picking the Sentra. But I'm not going to do that. So, I welcome your opinions and thanks in advance. If you need more info to make the decision, let me know.

posted by  appleg8s

toyota didnt rebadge the corolla as the geo prism. there have been corollas in the states ever since they first brought them over... but. i dont know if you know this, but toyota actually owns a large portion of GM.. geo, owned by GM does basically run off toyota parts. the prizm lsi has the same engine as the "hautchirouckooou!!!!" ...1985-1987 corolla GTS, and the base model prizm had the same engine as the corolla SR5.

so, what would i keep? honestly, the prism... cuz i trust toyota a million times better than i trust nissan

posted by  mazda6man

to be honest your not going to look good in either of them so take the corolla at least it will be reliable, the only thing i like about toyota is they never ever die no matter what you do to them

posted by  DRFT-R

a prizm is practically a toyota corolla....

posted by  mazda6man

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