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i heard if u put soda in your gas tank your car acts like octane gas LMAO
i laugh because the person that told me actually did it

posted by  GLOBALENVY

doesn't all gas have an octane rating..? what are you trying to say

posted by  shad0w

im srry you are perfecty right let me fix that i was thinking about sumthing else i meant to say that the person that told me this told me that the gas would act like jet fuel that he read it of a forum and then tried it and his car wont turn on now thanxz sorry didnt see that

posted by  GLOBALENVY

I think injector cleaner and octane booster are a MUCH smarter approach lol what a moron that kid was..did he also read that if u put water in instead of oil you get a cleaner running motor?

posted by  newyorker

Putting moth balls in your gas tank raises the octane rating, it's true. :thumbs:

posted by  GreekWarrior

mythbusters proven on the moth balls

posted by  mazda6man

did he consider that there is sugar in soft drinks, and that might work against him a little bit

posted by  DRFT-R

:orglaugh: LMAO

No really though, if he put the pop-rocks in it would have worked and he would have been alright.:hi:

Some people will believe anything on the web:doh: :screwy:

posted by  05BlackWRX

what about the whiskey trick? raise a little rpm!

posted by  True_Brit

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