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Basic information: 1994 3000GT SL Auto to manual swap almost done.
I left the project for a couple of months because of work and other things and Im ready finish it off. All it needs is the wiring done which is where I am stomped.
On this website:
Pls note this:
"Stage 4: Final steps

Bypassing the neutral/parking switch

This is required to trick the ignition into thinking the car is in neutral/park so that it will allow the starter to engage. You will need to splice two wires together. These should be soldered together, and wrapped in electrical tape. You should then use a tie wrap to attach the harness to somewhere, keeping it away from the shift mechanism on the tranny, and the hot parts of the engine.
1994-99 cars - You should have an oval shaped wiring harness that used to plug into your auto tranny, but now has nowhere to plug in. It has 3 rows of 4 pins. The first row is numbered 1-4, the second row 5-8, and the third row 9-12. You will need to splice together the wires going into pins 7 and 8."

"Hooking up the reverse lights

In this case, you will need to get two pieces of wire, then solder one end on each of them to the reverse switch on the manual tranny. The reverse switch is the one on top of the tranny with two terminals. It's closest to the front of the car. If your lucky, your manual tranny may still have the harness attached, then all you have to do is solder to the wires on the harness instead.
1994-99 cars - You will need to attach the two wires from the reverse switch to the wires going into pins 5 and 6 on the oval harness mentioned in the previous section."

The problem is the manual(the complete 3 set one) didnt show any neutral and parking switch(wiring). Also their are 3 rows of 4 pins to slot the wiring. I would like to know which wire is needed to cut and connect. Thank you.
Heres the picture as it is now and I tried best to get the color wiring NOTE: THIS PLUG USED TO PLUG INTO THE AUTOMATIC TRANAXLE:
Here is a simplified of the diagram. I do not know which one is which so help on each one would also help. Thank you and I greatly appreciate the help.

posted by  nightroad

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