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So some of you from back in the day that know who I am probably know I have a 1988 Honda Prelude Si 4WS with a motor that has a spun rod bearing on #2. Now it's going to cost a good bit to rebuild this motor, and word I hear is that I can come out a lot cheaper with other options. Some saw do a swap for a different motor, you know the usual. Thing is I've noticed that the people that are into these types of cars all have their knowledge as hear-say and none of them usually know from experience, hands-on, or text knowledge, ect. So basically they all seem to think alike whether it be right or wrong. SO. What do you guys think? No swaps, no used motors, no rebuilt ones from some company such as RECON. I'm thinking either rebuild this, or get a built motor from somewhere (which I don't know about - new to foreign makes) that is basically like I would build it - like new, not a bare bottom rebuild.


posted by  67Coronet383

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