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hi, im months away from buying my first car, i really like the altima se-r , is it a good reliable car? since it already has some punch and i only get 4 points to start with :PP i will lay off the performance mods, i was thinking of getting some better rubber and maybe a new set of rims with a nice sound system. i was also thinking about getting a nice tint. is the build quality of this car good? reliable?

on a no really related question, i was watching a show on the force racing people. how do u get into drag racing for money with sponsers and stuff?

posted by  illusion34

I'm not sure what "4 points to start with" means but anyway. This car is definetely good. From my minor experience (my family went through 4 altimas already, plus a friend owns 2 more), Nissans are VERY reliable cars. Se-r's do look great but they do cost great too. They are nice for minor modding (rims, sound, etc) but if you plan on doing performance mods, it is not the car for you since it's more luxurious than some drag racing vehicle.

As far as drag racing for money...I hope you don't mean on the streets. You will have to go through a lot of work to get money out of it. You will also need a different every-day driver. If you plan on building a super drag car, the Altima is not for you.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

I LOVE the new SE-R Altima's, they're perfect how they are (other than bein FWD), fast, elegant, classy, sexy, ahh what have you, the **WHEELS** look perfect as it is on it.
http://www.scottyrulz.com/images/2005_Altima_SE-R/images/DSCF2864_JPG.jpg http://www.garrands-nissan.com/New%20Website/new%20inventory%20pictures/200 5%20Altima%20SER%20Black.jpg

It just screams rape me!

posted by  99integra

Nissans are generally very reliable cars. The Sentra is one of the most reliable. The SE-R is a great choice and will be great accopanied by some simple mods. If you plan on going big, The SE-R mods very well and can be turned into the ultimate sleeper with the right couple of mods.:sleep:

posted by  05BlackWRX

Quick little buggers. I have a friend with a Spec V. The suspension on that thing was pretty tight considering that's how it rolled off the assembly line. Make sure to get the LSD option (I think it's an option).

posted by  elchango36

I think racing people get their sponsors based on their "winnability". Of course you need to be visible in the drag racing world. When you win a lot of races, you get a lot of attention from those people from the drag racing world to invest in you. That, I think, is how racer-sponsor relationship works. You need to prove your worth as a drag racer. You must be "marketable". :wink2:

With regard to modifying our ride, I was planning to do what you intend to do but I am confused of what to prioritize first. As of now I am planning to replace certain parts of my car lights and I am currently browsing over this links for possible options:


I want to ask if there are other places that I could look at for car parts related to the ones I've enumerated. Of course they must be made by Nissan.

Also I want to ask you guys about these car parts because I honestly am not that knowledgeable as to what and/or these parts contribute to my ride's performnance and I am also very afraid to change something in my car that deals with the engine for it might worsen the scenario here for me. Here are the parts I am pertaining to:


Badly need your help guys... Sorry for being such a newbie here...

Kind Regards and Safe Driving Everyone! :thumbs:

posted by  jhall

first off i have alot of experience in a se-r... i have nothing bad to say about it. the thing is sick handles good fast as hell but if you ask me i dont think the rims are worth changing i love those rims and i think that once you change them its makes it harder to tell its an se-r and not just a regular altima you know... also the sound system is great its got bose speakers those things kick if i was you i would get some tints and maybe an intake and exhaust if you want my advice even though its actually perfect stock especially if its your first car but i definetly recommend that car

posted by  GGtc4

Too much power for a FWD car...never drove it but I imagine torquesteer and understeer is common...btw this thread is ollllllld

posted by  newyorker

ha i no but still and the torque steer isnt as bad as you would think i just really like how that car drives

posted by  GGtc4

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