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Hello this is my first post because i recently got a 96 eclipse and I am already having problems with it. The main thing is that when I turn on my car it will run for a little while before it messes up by not accelerating, my steering wheel locks and I just coast to the side so I can turn it off. I wait for about 10 minutes and then I turn it on again and for the most part it works for the rest of the day. Recently it has been messing up and then it just keeps messing up. I notice that sometimes when i'm accelerating that my rpm goes to 4 but my car really doesn't pick up and then it falls down to 2 and my car acclerates like its shifting... when it messes up it usually stutters on the 2 like its trying to accelerate but it can't, then my car stalls out and i just coast ot the side like i mentioned above. The car is an automatic in case that helps any. I don't really know much about cars and am willing to provide more information if needed, i just want an opinion on what it could be so i can at least tell the mechanic something cause i don't have much money and I am really depending on this car.. any help will be much appreciated.

posted by  Tato

the old eclipses seemed to be suckers for problems, you really shouldve had someone inspect it before you bought it, you can usually take the car to a respectable shop before you buy it and have them check everything, but i don't know what to tell you now, I had a 98 eclipse, the automatic tranny they use i think is from a minivan

posted by  dsmracersv98

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