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Hey whats the fastest and most reliable used car between 10 to 15 thousand?
Please write information of each car because I dont know much about cars


posted by  phoshiz _year=1991&num_records=25&bkms=1156728516163&lang=en&start_year=1981&mod_bo okmark_id=null&certified=&search_type=both&distance=25&make=any&min_price=1 &address=33714&advanced=&end_year=2007&max_price=500&cardist=15

posted by  torinoman80


posted by  mazda6man

I would go for the 95 BMW M3. Inline 6 = sex

posted by  PontiacFan27

Oh ya, it's the "sport."

posted by  torinoman80

Thats actually pretty nice...

posted by  99integra

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