2005 Subaru WRX Turbo AWD Sedan (auto) or 2005 Honda Accord Coupe V6 (auto)

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2005 Subaru WRX Turbo AWD Sedan (auto) or 2005 Honda Accord Coupe V6 (auto). Which one should i pick heres what i found so far the subaru does 0-60 mph in 6.2 the honda does it in 6.9 sec. Honda combined gas mileage is 25.5 and the subaru gets 24. Which one do you think i should choose?

posted by  SubaruorHonda

the accord. reliable quick better fuel economy. if you ever get the need for speed turbocharge it and it will own the subaru and still be more comfortable to drive.

posted by  bebopin64

I disagree, AWD works wonders on an otherwise quite boring vehicle, I mean lets face it, fuel consumption aint really an issue, at an educated guess, both cars will have near identicle figures! :2cents:

posted by  Cliffy

The WRX is definately a more uncommon fun vehicle, every third car out there is an Accord. I didn't know it came in auto though!

posted by  Mathew

WRX FTW!:thumbs:

posted by  elchango36

wrx without a doubt... i mean, come on... AWD, sure a little less mpg, more power, faster, better looking, turbo power, H4 not a V6. speakds for itself

posted by  mazda6man

Why does a flat 4 speak for itself?

posted by  Mathew

I would say WRX they are way better looking and there AWD, turbo, way more sick parts you can put on them. The guy that said that if you want speed you can put a turbo kit on the accord, if you do your lookin a 2 grand at the least and you could by a turbo upgrade for about 1500 bucks and be pushin about 300 horses on the WRX. And plus they come stock with about 250 hp and weigh about 3200 lbs.

posted by  drag240sx

:screwy: :screwy: :screwy:
The Rex already comes turbo, and the accord doesnt. Also, the accord is FWD and the Rex is AWD...:banghead:

posted by  newyorker

Correction...this is a "rex"...

posted by  elchango36

I always thought this:
http://www.edmunds.com/media/reviews/generations/mazda.rx7.rx8/95.mazda.rx7 .500.jpg
was a Rex lol...

posted by  chris_knows

I always thought this.....


.....was a "Rex" :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

He was talking about the accord, dumb dumb.

posted by  Mathew

based on what you are saying and the things you are looking at...buy the cheaper one and save your money.

posted by  05BlackWRX

Subaru for sure, but since you're getting automatic, doesn't really matter.

You sure you don't want the manual transmission? It's fun :(

posted by  Bronxie

yes and he was saying it will own the wrx when its turboed...unlikely

posted by  newyorker

In our club REX is WRX...

posted by  newyorker

Nobody gives a shit about your club.

THIS is the Subaru Rex

posted by  PontiacFan27

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