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i posted pictures in an earlier thread about whether or not to purchase an 89 Toyota MR2 that i found on autotrader. I went to see the car yesterday and it was nicer than i expected so i gave him cash to hold the car for me. I wanted to know if having the NOS drilled directly into the head was really the best way to have it done, and if so should i rebuild the head and block instead of putting a different engine in it. I also wanted to replace the steering wheel thats on it right now with an aftermarket HKS steering wheel and wanted to know if it was universal for all mr2's or if i have to get the diameter of my steering column. The car also has two wheels missing from it, the 2 wheels that are left are nice and i wouldnt mind getting two matching ones, there Superior 5 Spoke wheels but the guy said he couldnt find them anywhere. Is there a good place to look for wheels that arent recent? And should i buy rims without tires on them, ive seen wheels on ebay but i dont know its work going to the trouble of getting tires put on them. Should i look in magazines for wheels or is there better stores online? I have a picture of what the rims look like but its not a very close up shot ill post it at the bottom. If anyone has any information that could help me id appreciate it

posted by  jerzyhxc1161

also included in the purchase was a set of AEM tru-time adjustable cam gears brand new win the box...would i benifit from installing them on my engine considering it has 100000 miles?...or would i i just do harm to the engine? Also i want to put an apline type r sub and amp in the front trunk space...will the fire wall dampon the sound at there less the normal sound proofing in the front because the engine is in the back?

posted by  jerzyhxc1161

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